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5 Ways To Get Over Your Ex

It's time to rescue what was lost and start over. The Time heals everything and starting over is necessary.

By Danusa Tula 27-Jun-2022 45 views

What Is A Soulmate?

There are people who seem to fit in so well with us that we come to believe in what they usually call kindred souls or soulmates.

By Danusa Tula 24-May-2022 127 views

I Cheated On My Boyfriend, Now What?

What steps to take when you have cheated on your boyfriend.

By Lisa A 20-May-2022 170 views

How to Manifest Love Using the Law of Attraction

By following some simple methods you can manifest love using law of attraction, read on.

By Ambika 14-May-2022 177 views

8 Signs Your Boyfriend is Jealous

For many women to identify a jealous man can be difficult as jealousy can be understood as a good demonstration of love and care.

By Danusa Tula 09-May-2022 186 views

10 Ways to Stop Feeling Insecure in a Relationship

If you are feeling insecure in a relationship then follow these steps to start feeling insecure.

By Sheela 06-May-2022 235 views

5 Signs You Are In A Rebound Relationship

These are 5 signs that prove that you are in a rebound relationship and to end it.

By Amelia 03-May-2022 171 views

6 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

Most of the time passion blinds us to the point that we don't see that we are suffering from an abusive relationship.

By Danusa Tula 26-Apr-2022 157 views

When you love someone strongly but not sure about his feelings for you

Will he come back to me? When will he leave her and reconcile with me? Does he still love me?

By Ambika 20-Apr-2022 164 views

12 Signs That Your Partner Is Probably Cheating On You

Who has never been betrayed by a boyfriend, husband, partner?! There are some signs of betrayal in the relationship, let's read it!

By Danusa Tula 13-Apr-2022 164 views

What Are Angels And How To Get Angel Card Reading?

How to use angel card reading to find love and happiness in life.

By Amelia 10-Apr-2022 179 views

10 Signs He Is Using You For Money

Unfortunately lovers, opportunistic boyfriends have always existed. They use beauty or seduction to take money from their victims by swearing love.

By Danusa Tula 05-Apr-2022 154 views

10 Signs He Wants to Marry You

Getting into a relationship is always a big mystery, except when we turn to oracles. We don't know how long it will last. I've separated 10 signs to help you know if he wants to marry you.

By Danusa Tula 30-Mar-2022 145 views

10 Signs He Won't Commit To You

As an oraculist I see that younger women have a hard time knowing whether or not a man wants to date seriously. Here are some tips!

By Danusa Tula 24-Mar-2022 168 views

Balance is key to happiness. But why? And how can we achieve it?

Work, love, family, self care, hobbies, habits. What do these have in common? They all need to be in balance! Easier said then done right?

By Belle 23-Mar-2022 161 views

10 Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Going through bad breakup? Find out how to get over it.

By Sheela 21-Mar-2022 199 views

22 Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore!

Your husband doesn't need to show all 22 signs but if he is showing at least 5 of these signs you should watch out!

By Danusa Tula 11-Mar-2022 236 views

How to Use the Power of the Subconscious Mind to Succeed In Your Life

You can achieve success, find love or get financial freedom all by using the power of your subconscious mind, find out how to do it.

By Lisa A 01-Mar-2022 152 views

The Lenormand Letters And Its Associations With Diseases

Through the gypsy deck we can predict situations of accidents, health, diseases, surgeries, etc.. in a certain period of time in a person's life.

By Danusa Tula 22-Feb-2022 156 views

Do Oracles Predict Love Life?

The pains of love are the biggest challenge for all of our lives, and when we need direction... Behold, tarot, runes, gypsy cards, astral synastry help us.

By Danusa Tula 14-Feb-2022 148 views