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When you love someone strongly but not sure about his feelings for you

By Ambika 20-Apr-2022 634 views No Comments

A very banal feeling or question that many of us in a relationship come across-

“Will he come back to me?”

 “When will he leave her and reconcile with me?”

“Does he still love me?”

These questions can be answered by any psychic but the real question which keeps lying unaddressed is-

 “Why do you want him back when you know he is cheating on you?”

“Why do you want him back when he mistreats you?”

“Do you really feel he still loves you when he is sleeping with another woman?”

When you love someone strongly but not sure about his feelings for you

By ignoring these questions, one is really neglecting one’s self worth. Its harsh but true that where there is no respect, can’t be any love.

In most of the cases, it is seen that one person is too kind, humble and forgiving and sometimes used by their partner for their advantage. From the very beginning of the relationship, one person puts all efforts in nurturing the relationship and most of the times its female who invests herself completely into making and saving the relationship, bears all hurt and still ready to forget and forgive.

But here is the question- Does that person really deserve you?

There might be 2 possibilities- either you don’t know the answer or you do. Let’s see them one by one-

If you are not able to find the answer then ask yourself- what would he have done if you were in his place and he were in yours? You will get your answer. The assumption or hope that he will be back to you forever this time, is no less than a gamble. You may win it or may not. Are you ready to put your trust and feelings on stake once again? You are worshipping a human being like God, who is not even treating you like a human, let alone love.

Or maybe you know the answer but not want to acknowledge it because you so much want that person in your life that you are ready to take on all sufferings and hurt, he is giving you. You just want his presence in your life. Your repeated texts and calls are telling him how desperate you are to have him back despite of his unjust behaviour with you. By doing so, you are allowing the other person to continue hurting you and stay freely without commitment because he knows no matter what he does, you are always waiting for him and forgiving him as usual for however short period of time he is with you this time.

If your BF or GF is treating you disrespectfully, is off and on in the relationship, is not ready to commit without any understandable explanation or having an affair somewhere else, don’t fool yourself by waiting for him. Move on, this person is not right for you. The first sign that a person loves you is that he can’t disrespect you. Maybe he is not ready to commit at the time but there would be some timeline. Remember one thing if you know the person is cheating and you are still accepting him back, it means you are encouraging him to do it again.

Loving someone with heart and soul can be really beautiful but losing yourself in the process is not advisable. Don’t let your dignity and self-respect be compromised in creating or saving any relationship. Remember one thing People would know your worth only if you know it yourself. Learn to keep your self-respect and dignity at the top of your priority list, it’s not selfish. You very well deserve to be respected and happy.


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