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12-Dec-2018 @ 20:23:41

you're right I need to be positive; it will only delay things otherwise. it's just hard this time of the year. But thank you for your insight. last year you was right & your prediction came true so hoping it will again. blessings ox

- Laura

12-Dec-2018 @ 19:55:35

i had spirtual work done before and no i dont need my ex removed he just in up bumping into my ex they didnt exchange numbers or nothing he not even in his life as a friend or anything it seem like everyone looking to to spirtual work when u getting readings now days wow thanks for the reading

- Renee

12-Dec-2018 @ 19:26:11

Great insight and very detailed in the last message sent. Thanks! I pray and hope all goes well. :)

- Eleanor

12-Dec-2018 @ 03:48:43

Looking back, Emma has been right! I need more consistency from her online to do the cleansing, but she has been right!

- Brittany C

11-Dec-2018 @ 23:12:42

Johanna is the only 1 I connect with! So far she been accurate and very accurate in timing!

- Andrea

11-Dec-2018 @ 22:25:40

Not enough info givin! in this case I guess I can beccme a psychic and say what ever I want to people!

- Naz

11-Dec-2018 @ 21:26:44

I normally don’t write reviews but Michelle is really great.... I know nothing is a 100% but I must say that Michelle’s Timeframes have been on point and she keeps it real...she’s great person to go to if you need advice in general ❤️

- Tee

11-Dec-2018 @ 19:58:57

thank you. but could you give me an answer as yes or no? i applied to those schools in 2011 now its 2018. please let me know if they accepted me from years ago.

- Grace Choi

11-Dec-2018 @ 13:59:02

Thank you

- Yousuf

11-Dec-2018 @ 13:37:58

Very disappointed. 3 months after prediction and nothing has come to pass. In fact the man she was sure loved me and would be there just ignores me now. I had false hope for so long . Wasn't for me sorry

- Sapphire

11-Dec-2018 @ 13:13:44

your message got cut off. it stopped at you should

- C N R

11-Dec-2018 @ 11:39:38

I am waiting for your reply.

- Yousuf

11-Dec-2018 @ 07:41:37

thx hun..i will follow your advice :):)

- S

11-Dec-2018 @ 07:33:07

shes not only psychic but a very good guide grateful

- S

11-Dec-2018 @ 07:15:28

shes so damn accurate wow

- S

11-Dec-2018 @ 06:40:21

hi Ariel could you please get back to me to answer my question whether i should be telling him how i feel? and you didnt say anything about him being with someone else. Could you please answer in more detail? thank you xx

- Xx

11-Dec-2018 @ 04:50:13

Thank you for your quick, detailed reaponse. You read the energies correctly. Fingers crossed that things work out in our favor.

- Melanie

11-Dec-2018 @ 02:30:41

Always Accurate and Honest

- Tierra

11-Dec-2018 @ 01:34:29

very fast response! and insightful :) really impressed with what she told me and it definitely felt like we connected well!!

- Rikki

11-Dec-2018 @ 01:32:36

awe I just adore ambers readings! so friendly and just such a great person to talk to! Thank you :)

- Rikki

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