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21-Apr-2019 @ 05:37:09

Excellent he pick up things quick and with accuracy ! Top advisor ,high raccomanded

- Louise

21-Apr-2019 @ 05:28:48

Thank you for your reading all this while. I decide to end the friendship and move on, and i wont be back to ask for readings about this person anymore.

- CE

21-Apr-2019 @ 02:21:25

shes the best very acceate

- Jonathan ocampo

21-Apr-2019 @ 02:12:58

He was spot on! Thank you Aamir! I will contact you again soon!

- Heather

20-Apr-2019 @ 22:53:05

Hope to hear from you soon with an update x

- Laura

20-Apr-2019 @ 22:31:10

You were more detailed with every msg before... still thank you Jen!

- QueenR

20-Apr-2019 @ 22:12:45

I don't know, but this advisor keeps dragging the timeframe.. while everyone says the person mentioned is at move on stage, which means this person has officially brokeup. But this advisor says the contrary, and keeps dragging the timeframe.. I better just wait rather than keeps asking which they don't see it for sure. I better ask the person myself, well anyway thank you.

- Tracy

20-Apr-2019 @ 16:02:58

Amazing, long, prompt, detailed responses!!! All predictions have come to pass! Thanks!!!!!

- Elizabeth Rose

20-Apr-2019 @ 14:29:21

Sorry I think that was me Mis wording my original message. Thank you for re confirming and for the update. It’s nice to know that although I frequently ask for updates you never get mad or annoyed you stay professional and keep me updated. I’m grateful thank you

- Laura

20-Apr-2019 @ 09:20:26

Wow very detailed reading ,really connected and absolutely on point with everything without any background info,high raccomanded ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Candy

20-Apr-2019 @ 08:48:24

Thanks . She is awesome

- Princy

20-Apr-2019 @ 05:38:32

Thank you Aamir for your detailed response

- S

20-Apr-2019 @ 05:31:22

Thank you for clarifying x

- Reema

20-Apr-2019 @ 02:12:25

I’m sorry I deleted the msg... I had to edit since I felt what I asked didn’t make sense... you’re one of my go to psychics & I love your readings bc they bring me at peace & gives me hope

- QueenR

20-Apr-2019 @ 01:57:02

Thankyou Amy God bless you ❤️

- Jigyasa

20-Apr-2019 @ 01:49:39

Please answer :)

- Gill

19-Apr-2019 @ 23:11:45

Very accurate with my situation! Ty ❤

- Theresa

19-Apr-2019 @ 19:05:48

OMG!!! Her prediction was spot on

- Reece

19-Apr-2019 @ 18:26:17

Lengthy response and awesome reading . Thank you so much

- Princy

19-Apr-2019 @ 18:25:09


- Princy