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Love and Relationship Psychic, No Sugarcoating.

I am a natural born psychic for many years i am truly thankful and blessed to have my gift to help people with there problems and guide them on the right path giving advice option and predictions. A reading with me will give you the answers you need. My readings are genuine honest and very straightforward i will not sugarcoat anything i will tell you the truth whether it may be good or bad. I can help you with your love life career family friends etc i can help with all matters of life. Contact me today for the answers you need. Love and light!


Amber's Testimonials

15-Oct-2019 @ 23:05:39

She actually does seam pretty damn good does lots of tarots and all

- Tom Penny

13-Oct-2019 @ 01:11:01

Amber is the real deal, shes here to help and not to take your money away. Thanks amber for bieng honest always❤️

- Faith

05-Oct-2019 @ 22:45:15

Thank you Amber for looking into my concern xx

- Trueblue

01-Oct-2019 @ 18:19:27

Thanks Amber his friends won't be there, I just wonder why he wanna meet there when he's got his own place ?hope you can clarify please ty xx

- Trueblue

30-Sep-2019 @ 14:04:21

I’m going to say not everything she was wrong but something and I apologize for not been detail about it

- Linda

30-Sep-2019 @ 13:57:53

You did understand when I ask you was that his brother girlfriend and you said no that his ex from his path.They don’t no each other at all and plus you said the neice hung up on me and I didn’t even call the neice. I said I was going to call his neice and ask her about the lady but the lady hung up. But you gave false information saying a reason why the neice hung up and she didn’t want to get in to the situation and she wanted to keep her mouth close. I still love you and we are human

- Linda

29-Sep-2019 @ 23:53:49

You was wrong about everything but I still love you

- Linda

29-Sep-2019 @ 18:04:36

Well thanks again and may god bless you

- Jcham

29-Sep-2019 @ 17:26:21

Thank u amber for being so honest with me I appreciate that you are very very detail with the information u tap in oh so well may god continue to bless you sending positive energy your way

- Jcham

22-Sep-2019 @ 00:55:58

I really appreciate you

- Linda

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