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Love and Relationship Psychic, No Sugarcoating.

I am a natural born psychic for many years i am truly thankful and blessed to have my gift to help people with there problems and guide them on the right path giving advice option and predictions. A reading with me will give you the answers you need. My readings are genuine honest and very straightforward i will not sugarcoat anything i will tell you the truth whether it may be good or bad. I can help you with your love life career family friends etc i can help with all matters of life. Contact me today for the answers you need. Love and light!


Amber's Testimonials

26-Jun-2019 @ 21:34:24

Asked for a photo reading, was blown away. Described their personality so accurately. Had photo readings before from other people and never really been that impressed, one was completelt wrong.but Amber's was spot on and long and so detailed.she never seems to lose patience with my many similar questions. Such a friendly person and has been accurate about everythig so far even when everyone else has said something was going to happen, amber was the only one to not lead me on/to be accurate. Plus rather then putting prices up really high keeps the price low. Always fast to reply too and really friendly person! Would 110 percent recommend! Thanks alot Amber for everything :)

- Rebecca

19-Jun-2019 @ 22:16:27

Ok if there is nothing to predict can I just get a refund then x

- Gretta

19-Jun-2019 @ 21:42:12

Thank you Amber I'm so happy to know that he's at least OK yes I do feel his spirit around me ♡

- Theresa

19-Jun-2019 @ 19:53:35

Hundred percent wrong

- Amy

19-Jun-2019 @ 19:45:55

Now that you understand my question could you predict something? X

- Gretta

19-Jun-2019 @ 19:45:38

She always gets things right

- Gretta

18-Jun-2019 @ 23:31:55

Thank you Amber once again just love her readings always the truth no sugar coating & supportive ♡

- Theresa

16-Jun-2019 @ 08:55:53

Was the only one who was correct bout me not getting the job and bout nothing happening with JA.thanks for being honest Amber!

- Rebecca

12-Jun-2019 @ 13:00:06

Omg she knows my other other half so well I can't fault her in any way she's just so accurate

- Theresa

09-Jun-2019 @ 09:12:00

Very accurate, hoping things will turn around soon for us

- Laura

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