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1. Is it confidential?

Yes, completely! An email address is needed to register but neither this nor any personal information is ever made public. You don't even need to use your real name - you can choose a nickname. We recognise that all problems are private and personal and we respect that.

2. How does it work?

Just click on an online profile and you will be able to create an account.

You need to use a valid email address but you can choose any nickname - it doesn't need to be your real name. Advisors will only see your nickname when you talk to them. Your email address will be kept confidential.

3. What can I ask you about?

Anything you like - we are here to help! We will offer advice to help you in any situation. But if your advisors feel that you may benefit from some professional help she will always advise you to seek it and give you contact details where possible. Our advisors do not reply to questions related with pregnancy, medical conditions, legal matters etc. You can read further details on our terms & conditions page.

4. What happens if I have a problem paying?

Contact us or email

5. What if I am not happy with the advice I receive?

You can contact us or email us

6. Why does it take long time for advisors to reply?

Advisors are users just like you, they are not our employees and they are not in any contractual obligation to provide timely reply.

If advisors are online and available they reply instantly. If advisors are busy or clearing backlogs they may take some time to reply. 

You can ask for refund (credit) if you haven't received reply within 24 hours. 

7. Why my testimonial for advisor is not published?

Testimonials are moderated. We have a process in place for testimonials. If your testimonial passes our criteria, then we publish them. Testimonials which are not useful or irrelevant are deleted. Testimonial is not published if it :

- has abusive, hate or frustration and not related with the reading you had

- complains about delays in reply

- asks for refund when advisor couldn't connect with you

- complains about providing additional information which advisor asked for

- contains unrelated text which is not related to review at all

- is deemed to be a question suitable for regular question

8. Why did you automatically charge my card?

We do not take payment automatically. We do not have any subscription model for payments. All purchases are manually triggered by you.

If you have seen any purchases which you don't recognize then you can contact us to verify the purchase. If this purchase is not registered in our system, then you can ask Apple to refund from your iTunes account.

9. Can you ask advisor to come online?

Sorry we can't. Advisors are not our employees. They are users just like you and they come online as per their convenience.

10. I can't see advisor on listing page any more, how to see my readings?

When advisors become inactive you will not be able to see readings. If you want we can email you the readings. You can contact us to request readings.

11. I was typing message, it exceeded 300 character limit and now it disappeared?

If message is sent successfully then you can see it on messages/unanswered messages or chat page with respective psychic. If it's not sent then you will not be debited for this message.

12. Why my account was banned?

Account can be banned for violating our terms & conditions. You can contact us if there was a mistake or technical error due to which account was banned.