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12-Feb-2019 @ 17:51:53

Bonnie . Thank you for the excellent advice. Appreciated.

- Terri daniel

12-Feb-2019 @ 17:05:24

Thank you Bonnie

- Terri daniel

12-Feb-2019 @ 16:45:35

For 5 dollars she doesn’t give a good answer it’s very short.

- Aseal Naser

12-Feb-2019 @ 13:55:50

Okay I’m going to work on me and see what happens .. thank you again

- Celia

12-Feb-2019 @ 09:02:21

Amazing! One in a million!

- Morgan

12-Feb-2019 @ 04:55:48

Very detailed reading! I loved it! Thank you for being honest with me! Really nice person! Will definitively be back!

- QueenR

12-Feb-2019 @ 04:13:41

Thank you your! great lots of details! Many thanks!! insigtful!!

- Rostamkhani

12-Feb-2019 @ 03:35:28

Extremely talented!!!!

- Elizabeth Rose

12-Feb-2019 @ 02:19:01

Thankyou Christine.your kind words help me fingers crossed for your predictions to pass like they did last year.i came to you after a long gap but you were able to pickup all things immediately and connected so only confused about one word in your last reading in first line is it he does want to or doesn'f want to..plz clarify this for me plz..i have no funds i will get back to you as soon as im able to buy credits

- Jigyasa

12-Feb-2019 @ 01:57:46

Thank you, Faith! Great reader, very kind an loving. Can’t wait to tell you what happens in the next few days ❤️

- Amelia

12-Feb-2019 @ 01:42:17

Ariel i will take your advice plz trust me.i wont be doing what have asked me not to.Plz trust me.i trust can read me plz help me.i have run out of funds i will contact u as soon as im able to buy credit.Kindly read my msg n trust me please reply me will things be fine.

- Jigyasa

11-Feb-2019 @ 03:51:14

Her readings got to the heart of the matter. Thanks!

- Lily

10-Feb-2019 @ 23:36:23

I really need you Jen. Please come online soon. I need to talk to you.

- Morgan

10-Feb-2019 @ 22:28:04

Thank you I know you mean well and I appreciate it, I do not doubt your expertise or anything like that but I physically/mentally cant do this anymore. Thanks again.

- Xx

10-Feb-2019 @ 21:57:48

Thank you , Jen once again she’s truly amazing! It’s like she inside my mind sport on how my thoughts are in my current situation ❤️

- Amelia

10-Feb-2019 @ 19:36:20

I trust you being positive

- S

10-Feb-2019 @ 19:10:40

ThNk you kitty

- Terri daniel

10-Feb-2019 @ 13:21:29

Thank you!

- User user

10-Feb-2019 @ 03:47:03

Thank you so much! very insightful!

- Naz

10-Feb-2019 @ 02:31:40

She was. Very clear and gave me hope ! Thanks Sabrina

- Elisa