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Genuine Indian psychic, get answers now!

I’m an experienced & gifted 4th generation psychic. I’ve over 20 year of experience in helping clients from across the globe. I’ve received my psychic awakening from my guru who I met in the Himalayas. I was trained in chakras, Kundalini, Third Eye and many other aspects of spiritual powers. I’m here to help you in love, relationships, soulmates, twin flames, career, finance and any other areas of your life. I do not sugar coat, I offer honest and non-judgemental reading. 


Sheela's Testimonials

20-Apr-2019 @ 22:12:45

I don't know, but this advisor keeps dragging the timeframe.. while everyone says the person mentioned is at move on stage, which means this person has officially brokeup. But this advisor says the contrary, and keeps dragging the timeframe.. I better just wait rather than keeps asking which they don't see it for sure. I better ask the person myself, well anyway thank you.

- Tracy

08-Mar-2019 @ 03:07:41

She told me they will split at the end of the year. But actually they are getting married at the end of the year. I would have liked if she would have given me in depth explanation to make sense. Anyway thank you.

- Esha

03-Mar-2019 @ 01:47:42

so very insightful! thank you!

- Siry

01-Mar-2019 @ 17:08:55

If you need something deeply investigated sheela is good at that & honest! Very talented

- Elizabeth Rose

28-Feb-2019 @ 18:29:12

She was absolutely right about everything. She predicted something would happen and that’s exactly what happened

- Raquel

25-Feb-2019 @ 19:28:24

Pls respond to the last message love

- S

21-Feb-2019 @ 18:40:55

Hi you didn’t answer one of the questions I asked. Please can you answer the question. Thankyou ❤️

- Misbah

02-Feb-2019 @ 04:58:44


- Elizabeth Rose

25-Jan-2019 @ 00:10:16

very gifted!

- Elizabeth Rose

17-Jan-2019 @ 18:18:09

Thank you for putting me at peace

- S

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