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Interpretations Of Dreams About Your Ex

By Sheela 06-Jan-2022 1,128 views 3 Comments

We sometimes tend to overlook what we dream of. But our subconscious is more powerful than we imagine, and it may provide answers to questions we didn't even know we had. Dreaming about past relationships is no exception to the rule. Have you ever woken up after dreaming about your ex and wondering what it could mean? We usually form an idea of what the dream meant, but the help of a professional psychic reader always comes in handy.

We will now review some of the most common dreams about exes and their possible interpretations. Let's get one thing straight beforehand. Any dream interpretation is relative, and you should consider every factor in your life or past relationship that may correlate with what you are dreaming. That is why a psychic may be of great use. They are professionals that know what they're talking about.

It's also essential to follow your emotions or feelings during the dream to understand it better. Let's begin.

Ex comes back but leaves again

This may mean that you still miss them somehow and are hurt by their abandonment. Recurrent dreams of getting back together with the love of your life once just to have him leave you again may indicate that you are still not over it.

Ex is Angry

This type of dream may be an indicator of guilt. Did you do something in your relationship that could lead your ex to be angry? Do you experience anxiety or guilt over a past event? Maybe you don't -or didn't- feel good enough for them and now dream about your ex punishing you.

Ex kisses you

The first interpretation that comes to mind may be that you still miss them or have affection for them. But there's more to it. The dream may not necessarily indicate that you are still in love with him, but it may reflect parts of your previous relationship or him that you have always admired or enjoyed.

Kissing your ex in a dream could also indicate a yearning for closure. Did you end on bad terms? Is there anything you would like to tell them?

Ex is apologizing

This dream probably indicates that there was no proper closure. Your ex most likely did something wrong, and you're still waiting for an apology. But that apology never comes, which may be the reason why you dream of it - at least you get treated as you deserve in your dreams.

You are having a child with your ex

Don't worry. This doesn't necessarily mean you want your ex back. It could be that you always wanted a family with this person and then you parted ways. But still, it can be interpreted in more positive ways. The embryo represents a new life associated with significant changes, a radical shift in the status quo, and implementing "hatched" ideas and undertakings. Life does not stop for anyone; you must keep moving on. Conduct an internal audit and eliminate anything that distracts you or pulls you back - things, people, or thoughts.

You are having sex with your ex

Maybe you miss the way your ex made you feel during sex. Maybe there's one time when the two of you had sex that you can't forget. It can be disorientating if you are in a new relationship - even if you are still single. But having frequent sex dreams about an ex doesn't necessarily mean you secretly wish to rekindle the relationship. The most effective method to analyze it is to focus on how you felt during the dream. Keep an open mind, stay curious, and leave self-judgment at the door.

You are traveling in a plane with your ex

It may mean that you feel stuck. Planes won't allow you to leave, and all you can do is sit and wait there. Maybe you are terrified of encountering your ex, and now you need to face him/her in a closed space.

You and your ex are on a holiday

This dream means that you are upbeat and optimistic. You want to reach for the sky, and you want to have fun. Nothing is more relaxing than going on a holiday - even with your ex. You are no longer together, but you can still have a good time together and reminisce the good old days.

You see your ex in a place but he doesn't react

It may reflect fear of abandonment, of being ignored. Maybe during the relationship, your ex-boyfriend didn't give you enough attention. Did you often feel like you had to beg him for love? This situation may result in trauma and fear of being rejected, which can show up in your dreams. Nothing hurts more than being ignored by the person we love. Even after a breakup, these feelings may take some time to fade away.

You see your ex with a different woman

Maybe you still haven't moved on and are afraid that he did. Maybe you are secretly jealous that he may be seeing other women. Breakups can be tough and no one likes to see their past significant other dating new people. Or who knows, maybe you want him to be happy and are glad that he can finally move on with his life.

Your ex has become a celebrity

This probably just means that your ex is still relevant to you. Celebrities are relevant and of importance, aren't they? Your ex may still be living rent-free in your subconscious mind. Or maybe you are a bit jealous that your ex has the chance to succeed in life after your breakup. Was he a terrible boyfriend? Do you think he doesn't deserve success? Look inward and try to figure it out.

As you can see, interpreting dreams can be difficult and tricky. It varies depending on the person, the ex, the situation, and much more. We usually have the answers we need within us, but getting help from someone experienced can be helpful to see the big picture. Whether from a psychic reader or a book of interpretations of dreams, we strongly encourage you to get advice if the dreams you experience disturb or worry you.


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