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Can you find love on dating apps?

By Danusa Tula 06-Oct-2022 578 views No Comments

Can you find love on dating apps With the advent of the internet, many people seek to find new love in the varied dating apps that exist around the world. The problem is that the world, full of traps, is on social networks of all kinds, and with that thousands of women have sad stories to tell about their internet loves.

The main fuel for a woman to search for a new charming love on the internet is loneliness. Loneliness goes hand in hand with neediness, it's fire that you can't see but feel very intensely. On the other side of the screen there is almost always a man who is married, who has a girlfriend or who is free but with the simple intention of having fun, of making small talk with an interesting woman. On the other side of the line there's almost a wolf in sheep's clothing wanting a date just to satisfy his sexual desire, just to have sex and nothing more, while again on the other side of the screen is a lonely, needy and dreamy woman. of love that has absolutely no filter, no logic, because she wants to be happy and thinks she has managed to find the one who can become her boyfriend and then who knows, her husband.As a result, would-be partners face many emotional risks as they scroll through their screens. In 2018, a team of researchers from the Netherlands and the United States found that 42% of people with profiles on the dating app Tinder were married or in a relationship, but still looking for dates. At the same time, abuse by trolls is frequent in these apps. And users also practice ghosting - people who disappear without a trace - and some even send unwanted photographs.Of course, many people behave badly when trying to meet someone, or even in meetings organized by mutual friends. But dating apps have features that make misbehavior especially recurrent."The screen serves as an intermediary for our courage, so we do and say things online that we would never do in real life," says Joanne Orlando, a writer and researcher in Australia who studies digital well-being. Other aspects of these apps, such as their addiction-inspired algorithms and immense amount of choices, also increase people's courage. They seem to provide users with not just a "permission" but even an incentive to behave badly.

When she has dates, they almost always happen in bars or nightclubs, because after a few drinks it's very easy to take the prey to bed. And the worst thing is that many times no meeting happens because the app man simply cannot meet, he is married and hides, he has a girlfriend and cheats saying he is free, but because of work obstacles they cannot have such a meeting, on that day, and so they keep putting it off, masturbating over video, asking for intimate photos and videos of that woman he deceives, and then obviously they disappear, and she doesn't know what happened if he seemed to be so involved. Because this man wasn't really involved, women don't want to see the signs that the thing won't work and choose to see everything through a rose-colored lens that many Pisces natives use, lenses of blind love. Some young men, for example, felt that there were young women who would like and be flattered if an intimate image [of the young woman] was shared," she says. Brown believes that, in their minds, the approval of the nude woman pictures ( that they had shared privately, only with their boyfriend) by other men would represent a positive endorsement.What woman would want that? Young women, victims of digital dating misbehavior in Brown's study, reported "a lot of negative emotions" such as tension and fear, while young men "worried a lot more about their reputations," according to their experiences on the apps. Brown suggests this coincides with some men's feeling that rejection on dating apps questions their masculinity, which can fuel their abusive behavior.

In addition to all this, we have many cases where really lonely men want to find a woman who touches their heart, that love happens, but when they go to the meeting there is no affinity that used to happen through social media, the person is not as interesting as in the photo , or even video chatting that woman in person was not what he expected or her energy was lower, spoiling the mood of the date. There are more or less rare cases of well-meaning men on dating apps, but there is, and when there is a meeting of souls, everything is perfect, everything works out!

The best thing is to let it happen, not look for a great love. A great love just happens, it is already written... so why not let the years show what is ideal, meeting someone eye to eye, face to face is no longer and has never been a guarantee that it will work, imagine on the internet. As Chico Xavier said Everything that is yours will find a way to reach you! Great truth, and that's how life is, life is natural, love happens, a good friendship happens, it's all written down, you don't have to look for it.


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