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How to Manifest Love Using the Law of Attraction

By Ambika 14-May-2022 787 views No Comments

law of attraction love In today’s article let’s explore the term Manifestation. I am sure you have all heard about it, some of you might have tried it as well. Many of you must have got very good results while some of you don’t believe in it as it didn’t work for you. Many of the advisors here advise to use the technique for manifesting your love or happiness but do you know the right way of getting best out of it?

Let me unfold the secret

I strongly believe in the magic of the Law of attraction as I have been a die-hard follower of the practice. After reading a lot of material on the subject and attending many courses on the topic. I have understood the crux of it which I am going to share with all of you who wish to manifest their desires.

The very first thing is Law of Attraction can be used to manifest anything in life no matter how big or difficult it sounds to you. It may be a person or an object or a situation. It might be related to your health/wealth or relationship but you should know the right way of following the practice which is very simple.

You might have heard many techniques of attracting things you want in life like- Affirmations, Visualisation, Water technique, 3-6-9 method, pillow technique or whispering method and many more…There are plenty of ways to manifest your wishes but there is one secret which works behind all these techniques, without following which, it’s impossible to be successful no matter how many techniques you are following every day. And the secret lies in Conviction, Hope, Belief and Positivity.

Law of attraction actually means thinking about your wish every day, with the belief that you are definitely going to get it with a positive mindset. A very banal mistake most of the people do while manifesting is they rightly follow the process but with a fear in mind, what if it didn’t work. If you are not convinced yourself about achieving the outcome, how can you convince the Universe to make it happen for you.

Law of attraction is nothing but sending vibes and signals to the universe through your thoughts, emotions and words and getting them back to your life. That’s the reason it’s not advisable to use the phrases like “Life sucks”/ “Oh! I am so forgetful”/ “I am so depressed” …. And so on. We use these phrases very casually and repeatedly without having an inkling we are transmitting these signals out there and they will reach back to us in some or the other form. That’s the reason in spiritual practices, main emphasis is on positive thinking.

I have seen many clients who wish to manifest their love back, practice the law of attraction as advised by their advisors but don’t get results because in the back of their head they are convinced that their partner has left them for good. Your current situation might be supporting your thoughts and fear but in order to bring him back you will have to change your mindset with some conscious efforts. One very important thing to remember here is-

 never use a negative sentence in your affirmation no matter it has a positive meaning. For example–

“My BF has broken up with that evil woman”- Never say that, it’s a wrong way to execute

 If we closely look at this sentence it has 2 negative aspects-

One is you are expecting someone to end their relationship and second- you are labelling another person (evil woman) as per your understanding.

The right affirmation, to make your BF to be with you and leave a toxic relationship he is currently in is-

“My BF and I are together forever”

“I am the only girl he loves”

So these two sentences serve your purpose without uttering any negative statement. When you say

2. Use the affirmations as if you have already achieved the results like-

“I and Marcus are staying together” (when you are not actually staying together but wish to make that happen)

“I am pleasantly surprised to see the romantic text from Julian”- ( this can be used when you want your BF to text you again.)

Write your affirmations like this. You can write as many as your want. It can be 3 or 30 or any in number and speak them aloud with a strong conviction and smile on your face. Believe its true, believe you have got the results, believe you are so happy after having it. You can repeat the process twice or thrice depending on your available time and convenience.

In order to make it even stronger you can add Visualisation to the process where you are supposed to vision your desired wish, how it would be if you have your goal, how does it look like to you, what all positive changes you are experiencing. You can visualise a happy married life with your BF with your kids playing around.  Just close your eyes and live that happy moment with all your hopes and faith. Just do it for 5 mins every morning and every night before you go to bed.

I suggest you to follow the practice for either 21 days or 43 days in a row without fail. I guarantee, You will experience positive results. Either your wish will be granted fully or you will see a drastic improvement in the current situation which will make you believe that things are moving in the right direction.

My advice is that everyone of us should try this sometime in our life for an amazing experience and feel the power of law of attraction. I hope the article has been of some value to my dear readers. You can leave your questions in the comment box to know more about the same. I would love to help more 😊


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