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What Is A Soulmate?

By Danusa Tula 24-May-2022 610 views No Comments

soulmate Soulmate, this is a concept that seems to be much more associated with the religious sphere than the psychoanalytic one, isn't it? However, we warn that it is possible to analyze our impression that there are soulmates from Psychoanalysis. If you want to find out how, just read my article until the end!

The concept of soulmates has become so popular among couples and families that it is in danger of falling into disrepute. However, the idea behind it is very pure and it gives strength to many people regarding problems that happened in the past. Let's explain better: basically, to believe in soulmates, it is necessary to also believe in something called reincarnation. To start talking about this subject, we will first introduce the idea by reminding you of a soap opera that is very famous for exploring the theme. Do you by any chance remember the romantic couple between Eduardo Moscovis and Priscila Fantin? In the novel Alma Gêmea (2006), a couple separated by the death of one of the spouses is reunited after 20 years. The popularization of the concept of soulmates on television In this context of television, Rafael (Eduardo Moscovis) and Luna (Liliana Castro) fall madly in love and get married. The two have a son, but the couple's love is interrupted by the death of Luna, who is shot in an attempted robbery. However, at the exact moment Luna passes away, she is born in a Serena village. This one, in turn, is the daughter of an Indian woman with a prospector. During her lifetime, she will eventually meet Rafael and the two fall in love. The idea here is that Serena is Luna's reincarnation. Since the late wife would be Rafael's soulmate, it's only natural that Serena would be attracted to him. Obviously, the feeling at some point must be reciprocal. With the Brazilian soap opera and 2006, it is a little simpler to understand what kindred souls mean. It's really about identifying that you have a relationship with someone so deep that it doesn't seem to be limited to this existential plane. It's as if you've known each other a long time.

The concept of kindred souls for different religions
Since reincarnation is a premise for the concept of kindred souls, you are most likely thinking that the concept is worthwhile only in spiritism. However, not only spiritualists believe in reincarnation. So the belief in soulmates is very different when we look at it from different religious perspectives.

Kabbalah is a philosophy that has its origins in Judaism. From this perspective, life after death exists. So when a person dies, his soul returns to Earth as many times as necessary. This is important to complete tikkun (or karma) and is part of our evolution.

Furthermore, according to the Zohar, which is the main book of Kabbalah, before descending into this world, the soul has two complementary aspects. One is male and the other is female. So it's as if before we were born, two were one, and in marriage, for example, these people go back to that initial state again. When a soul reincarnates, the masculine aspect comes into the body of a man and the feminine aspect comes into the body of a woman. Once these two complementary parts arrive on Earth, they will always feel that the other half is missing. When the meeting of souls occurs, the feeling of fullness is very great.

In spiritism, the idea of kindred souls is quite different from what we find in Kabbalah. For spiritists, a soul does not split in two when it comes to earth. A person is capable of being completely complete and whole, thus awakening the love within himself, without living in search of someone else.

However, spiritism accepts the idea of kindred spirits. That is, a strong energetic connection between two spirits, but not between a divided soul. This is what the Brazilian soap opera Alma Gêmea tried to represent. Rafael's spirit, initially linked to Luna's spirit, bonded to Serena's spirit. In this context, those people who connect with this force have the opportunity to help each other. In this way, they manage to make their incarnations easier learning.

In some texts that support Buddhist philosophy, it is also possible to find references to something similar to what we know as soulmates. However, it would be an approximation of what we saw for Kabbalah with a little of what is proposed in spiritism. For Buddhism, two souls would be generated together and, when they are in the world, they seek to find each other. There are many different options to choose from. At the end of this article, be sure to think about which one seems to make the most sense for you!

The connection between people (or kindred souls) for Psychoanalysis

We need to explain how Psychology and Psychoanalysis understand kindred souls. Since we are talking about areas of science, it is much more difficult to accept a concept that seems to be much more religious than rational. Thus, it was already possible to imagine that, in fact, these areas provide an explanation for our feeling of having found a lost piece of our existence.
For psychologists and psychoanalysts, as we pointed out above, there is no such thing as a soul mate. Of course, given that we work with various personality theories and Jung's archetypes, we agree that people with similar traits exist everywhere. However, there are no rational and empirical reasons that lead a psychoanalyst to claim that there are identical, twin or similar souls.nullifies any possibility of conflict. However, this quest actually turns out to be extremely problematic. We need the difference of other people to define ourselves. We are who we are because we are not the other. Without difference there is no identity..

Is believing in soulmates right or wrong?
In view of everything discussed above, the choice of believing in soulmates or not is controversial. If you practice any of the religions or philosophies we referenced, believing is part of who you are. However, psychoanalysts, we cannot say that their belief is based on any foundations of Psychoanalysis. If your search for the identical brings you problems and inconvenience, it is important to review what you believe in. In today's text, you learned what the concept of kindred souls is. You have seen that different philosophies and religions consider the existence of this type of connection, but in equally different ways. Furthermore, he found that Psychoanalysis does not offer theoretical support for the existence of the soul mate. What I can say with my 33 years of assistance with oracles such as tarot, gypsy cards, runes, astrology, is that a soulmate is someone who has great affinity with us, the person is not like us, there are differences that complete each other, we have with this person a coexistence of great harmony, and with her we can spend a lifetime together.

How To Identify Soulmate?

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