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8 Most Common Reasons Couples Break Up

By Isha 30-Jul-2022 548 views No Comments

Some Of The Most Basic Reasons of Breakup in any relationship

8 Most Common Reasons Couples Break Up1. Beginning of relationship with lies

When the foundation of relationship has been built with lies or fake personality then it won’t last long. Usually, a person lies to impress their partner or to hide their dark secrets. When one person decides/wants a relationship then nobody should lie. That’s the basic thumb rule. With one lie, you will keep on lying again and again to hide one lie. No matter how much you can stretch, somehow, your partner will definitely get to know the real you and when your partner will find out about your lies then she/he will feel betrayed, broken and will never ever trust you.
One must be truthful to each other always, if your partner really loves you then he/she will never lie or hide the truth. Always remember this.

2. No emotional Connection

One of the most common reasons couple breakup is a lack of an emotional connection.
Emotional intimacy is a bond that goes beyond physical lust and chemistry. It’s a bond built over time through shared experiences and getting to know each other.
And when emotional connection is missing, a relationship can start to feel shallow, boring because physical attraction will go away after certain period of time but when emotional bond is strong then the relationship is unbreakable.

3. High Expectations
Expectations are good, which are realistic and feasible for our partner to fulfil but unrealistic expectations are wrong and not acceptable. Usually, Couple tends fantasize from romantic movies and expect the same things from their partners, which is also very wrong. Real life is totally different from Reel life.
For example: - You expect your partner should spend all their free time with you or stay connected with you 24 x 7 and tell you about everything during the day. There’s nothing wrong to spend quality time with your love, this will not help you to build your own separate life. You must stay connected to all things that makes you, You! Your partner is not everything/only thing in your life. Your partner is a part of your life, yes he/she is important and has a special place but not everything. Your personal life, school/college/work life, parents, friends, social life, spiritual life combinations of all these (more/less similar things), which make you, You.

4. When your partner starts taking you for granted
Unfortunately, this happens all too often in every relationship. When you are super sweet with your partner/ does everything what he/she likes but then slowly they start overlooking your contributions/ your partner get used to it or thinks they deserve it all and even more, which is very wrong. One should always respects their value, their contributions, their time and they should always be thankful. Your one ‘Thank you’ can bring a smile on your partner’s face. Instead of overlooking, one must appreciate and be thankful.

5. Just saying not doer
Sometimes, you really need to show love instead of just saying. A small gesture of love can become an unforgettable golden memories for your partner. If you partner says he will help you financially and when that day comes he takes a step back, check him first, Is it a genuine reason for not helping?, if it is genuine then it’s alright and acceptable but if you see your partner is taking a step back every time by giving you some or the other reason that means he is not thinking about future with you and you both are in this relationship for short period of time and this may break your relationship anytime.
It’s not only about financially. If your partner is serious and says he/she will meet your parents to take things further but when the time comes to meet them then your partner gets busy/disappeared. Many of you, can relate to this incidence I guess.
A simple reply to I Love You can makes your partner’s day. A rose to your love, a small surprises like
Truth but bitter words said by a wise person- Whole world is with you in good time but in bad time nobody is with/around you. Whether it is BF-GF relationship, marriage both partners should stay together in good as well as in bad times even we take a vow while getting married, Isn’t it!

6. Trust Issues
When there is no trust then there is no strong foundation of your relationship. If your partner always doubt you then you cannot do much about your relationship. You can talk, express when the trust is broken then nothing will work. No matter how much your partner has convinced you, somewhere there will always be doubt (and vice-a-versa). Trust Issues can seriously create a big hole in any relationship because broken things can never be same/seen as before. For example: - You can fix a broken glass vase but sticking every pieces with a glue but there will always a ugly marks, lines on it. This makes the relationship very fragile.

7. Over Possessiveness
A small bit of possessiveness is always good, which shows love. But when it suffocates you, makes you feel like your partner’s possessive behavior is choking you and when it reaches the extreme level where you feel like you are bound to accept his/her over possessive behavior.
Few signs of possessiveness that may indicate your partner is crossing the line. They are as follows: -
- Non-stop texts/calls and they expect you to reply asap (specially when you both are physically apart) and by chance in any case you fail to reply them then your partner gets super angry and this can lead to a bad fight or maybe they start thinking you are cheating on them.
- They get Upset when you meet/visit your friend(s). This is also known as an insecure attachment style/ preoccupied attachment. They start overthink the moment they will know you are with friends and this can lead to a negative thinking, which makes your relationship toxic
- They get offended when you ask for space
- They get Jealous, I mean super jealous. If you are super loyal with your partner and never broken their trust but still they get jealous, it’s not jealousy, its insecurity and your relationship is toxic or going to be toxic, so BEWARE! This also mean that they trying to control you and your life fully and they think you are slipping away from their hands.
Accepting their over possessiveness behavior all the time will make your life very difficult to live and when it will reach the extreme level any person will give up or tend to leave their partner automatically because there is always a limit.

8. Too much involvement
Too much of anything is always bad in life. So always respect yourself, know your value, always have a courage to say ‘No’ or stop your partner of doing anything wrong to you.
Always remember when you start accepting wrong things from your partner, it will pile up and then it will be too late to correct their behavior and which can lead to toxic, abusive relationship.

And There is always an END of all bad things

You can always contact me (Psychic Isha) with any relationship problems. I will always help you in your love relationship. You are never alone because I am always with you like a friend. And I never judge people so you can share your heart with me.
Universe Bless you
Thank you for reading
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