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8 Signs Your Boyfriend is Jealous

By Danusa Tula 09-May-2022 670 views No Comments

your boy friend is jealous Jealousy is a feeling that is part of human relationships, but depending on how it manifests itself, it can become unhealthy and bring a lot of damage to people. This feeling can be present in any type of relationship: between couples, friends, family or even in work relationships.

Here are some of the main signs that may indicate that you live with a jealous man. 

1. I disrespect your privacy
Men who are very jealous tend not to respect their partner's intimacy and privacy. Some attitudes that show disrespect are: searching the partner's cell phone, social networks, notes and bags.

Disrespect for intimacy can also happen in other ways that are more subtle and almost imperceptible, but which are just as disrespectful. There are people who try to control even the thoughts of their companions. For example, asking them frequently asked questions about their feelings, their friendships, or their professional relationships. This type of attitude is very harmful to a relationship, since moments of intimacy and respect for privacy are fundamental for a relationship to be balanced and healthy.

2. Control and ownership
Usually the jealous person tries to control his partner in many ways. Jealous people, especially jealous people with sicker traits, can act as if they own their mates.

It is common for a jealous man to watch the way the other dresses, how he speaks, with whom he maintains friendly and working relationships. It is also common and unhealthy nowadays for some couples to share their email and social media passwords..Control over the partner, over time, can make the relationship very dependent, to the point of asking the other for permission to do their activities, travel or go out with friends. If these attitudes are not observed and treated the relationship can become unhealthy, being based on control and demands instead of being based on good feelings.

3. Constant search for evidence of a betrayal
Another very common characteristic is that a jealous man is sure that he is betrayed by his partner. This feeling is more linked to his own insecurity than to his partner's behavior.

In some more extreme cases, the jealous may be able to see evidence of the alleged betrayals in any attitude or speech of his partner.

It is as if the jealous person is constantly trying to find evidence that his suspicion about a betrayal is real, that is, that he was right about his partner's infidelity.

4. Violent attitudes
It is quite common for relationships in which jealousy is very present to turn into violent relationships and it is important to be aware of this.

Violence can manifest itself in many ways, not just physical violence. There are also emotional and psychological violence, such as conversations in a threatening tone and speeches that belittle or diminish the partner's qualities.

In many situations, men with violent reactions towards their partners can use the justification that they acted this way out of fear of losing their partner. But be careful: violent reactions are not acceptable and should not be present in love, friendship or family

5. Intrusion into friendships and family relationships
Men who are jealous often have a hard time dealing with other relationships that don't include them, such as their partner's friendships. This feeling can also happen in relation to family ties.

When this kind of feeling is present in the relationship, the jealous person can develop the habit of constantly criticizing friendships and the quality of friends and family. Criticism is almost always motivated by jealousy and insecurity.

One of the most common consequences of this type of interference in personal relationships is the withdrawal of friends and family, either because the partner decides to leave because of the pressure she is under, or because the family itself finds it difficult to live with a jealous couple.

6. Constant fights
A very jealous man ends up creating an unpleasant environment, full of fights and distrust. In a relationship that is based on feelings of jealousy, fights can happen for any reason, even for very trivial matters.

Fights can be motivated by jealousy of other people, by any disagreement or by the way you dress. They can also happen due to paranoid feelings, when the jealous man believes so much in his betrayal convictions that he even fights with his partner for these reasons.

Fights, both when they happen in a private environment, when they happen in public places, can be a warning sign that the relationship is not beneficial for the couple.

7. Feelings of unhappiness when not together
A relationship motivated by jealousy can have many bad consequences and one of them is the feeling of unhappiness when the couple is not together. This feeling is motivated by the mistaken idea that when you love someone there is only happiness next to that person.

But this feeling is not healthy and, if that happens, you need to rethink the way you relate to your partner. For a relationship to be stable and happy, people need to be able and able to enjoy life and feel good being alone or accompanied.

8. Not happy with your achievements
This is a trait of a jealous man that can easily happen in any type of relationship. A relationship of love or friendship requires the existence of a feeling of admiration and genuine happiness for the achievements of the loved one.

When you live with someone who doesn't show happiness for your victories or who diminishes the importance of your achievements, you need to pay attention: maybe the relationship is not very healthy.

For example: a coworker who is not happy with the promotion received by someone else, a friend who does not celebrate his approval in a contest or a boyfriend who is not happy with the exchange of his girlfriend, with her achievements in any sector of life.

In some moments attending women through my work with tarot, I could observe that the partner who suspects the fidelity of the girlfriend or wife is because he is the one who betrays, and is afraid that she will do the same, betray him!
The best way out of an unhealthy jealous relationship is couples therapy. Therapy makes the sickly jealous understand that he is sick, needs treatment, and so everything is fine. A loving relationship needs true friendship and peace.


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