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I Cheated On My Boyfriend, Now What?

By Lisa A 20-May-2022 693 views No Comments

I Cheated On My Boyfriend Now What Cheating is one of those topics that people generally don't like to talk about, but it's a topic that many people are guilty of. Whether it's through a love letter, an email, or an intimate encounter with someone else is irrelevant; the outcome is the same - you've broken your relationship. It doesn't matter whether you forgot about the affair for weeks or months and then remembered it in a moment of weakness; either way, you have a serious problem on your hands.

Reason for cheating

1. You came out of a bad relationship

The person you cheated with was nice and made you feel good about yourself, and so you were swept up by the romantic feelings that come from someone being truly interested in you. This is a dangerous reason for cheating because it's too easy to let those positive emotions take over your logic and reasoning.

2. You just don't care about the other person anymore

It's easy to lose sight of your spouse in a marriage or a boyfriend in a committed relationship. You know them so well that you're bored, and you may even start to resent the fact that you always have to compromise with each other. Once your relationship becomes stagnant the sense of adventure is gone, and it's easy to start looking elsewhere for stimulation.

3. Your boyfriend is not good enough

It's easy to lose interest in a person who doesn't meet your standards. When you're going through a divorce or having trouble with your relationship, it's easy to start thinking that the new partner you've found is better. This means you're cheating on your current partner, which means that you don't love him anymore. The emotional connection you once had for this person has become dull and weak, and so there's no longer any way that he could look better than the new object of your affection.

Perhaps you like the fact that your new boyfriend will do things with you that your current boyfriend never does. Maybe he's rich, powerful, and charming and he's willing to show off his wealth or power at every turn. He'll treat you like a princess, even if it means putting himself first. This is especially true if you're the only person who knows about the affair, which makes it all the more exciting.

4. You've found the perfect match

You've been lonely for months now, and the person you're now starting to date is the perfect match for you - wealthy, charming, handsome, and successful. He's kind, humorous, and always working towards doing a better job than he did yesterday. He makes you feel like you could do no wrong in his eyes, so it's easy for you to start a new relationship with this person whom everyone else treats like a hero.

5. You don't want to be alone

If you've been unlucky in love for a long time and you're starting to sink into depression because of it, you're going to do anything you can think of to try and make yourself feel better. If you've found a friend who's willing to spend time with you and be there for your every need, you'll naturally start developing romantic feelings for this person.

6. Revenge /Demoralization/Payback

There are many reasons why a person would cheat on his or her partner to get revenge. Perhaps the person you cheated with was in a relationship that just ended and he wants to hurt the other person. You could also be retaliating against your boyfriend or girlfriend for cheating on you in the first place. This can take many forms, and there's no right way or wrong way to do it.

7. Getting attention

We all want attention, and when we're not getting it regularly we tend to look elsewhere to get it. If you've been cheated on or the relationship is taking a turn down the wrong path (and your partner doesn't seem interested in changing things), you'll probably start looking at other people in an attempt to find someone more interesting than the person you're with now.

8. The thrill of having an affair

Something is exciting about cheating in a relationship because it's taboo and everyone knows it. It's much more dangerous than cheating with a stranger, but also much more exciting than finding someone you can be completely honest with about your personal life. If you truly love the person you're cheating with, then this excitement is going to make up for the negative experience of getting caught.

How to fix cheating?

1. Ask yourself if you want to break up with him/her

This is not a decision that you should make lightly, because you will have a hard time accepting this decision if the other person doesn't want to break up with you. Logically, it's very difficult to understand why this person would cheat on you and then expect that you would still be willing to stay in the relationship.

2. Be sorry

It's not entirely necessary to be sorry for your actions, but if you feel that it's the right thing to do and you truly want to fix the relationship then it doesn't hurt to show how sorry you are. You can do this in several ways: write a letter of apology or let them know in person that you're sorry. It doesn't matter how they react - they may be angry, sad, or even relieved when they find out what happened.

3. Don't play games

When you're cheating on someone, you're only hurting yourself by doing so. If you're caught, then the relationship is already in jeopardy. Don't fool around with people who you know will tell on you or have massive follow-up consequences for having a relationship with them. This is not fair to your current partner and it's not fair to yourself and others that are affected by this action.

4. Turn to focus on the relationship

When you're caught cheating, your relationship is in question. It's easy to try and look for other relationships while the one you just cheated on is still going on, but that only makes things worse. As hard as it may be, try to focus on fixing this relationship by paying more attention to your partner and making them feel as though they are your priority.

5. Don't just do the right things - do them right

If you want to fix your relationship, then you need to make the effort. A relationship takes two people for it to work, and if you think you can get away with doing everything wrong and still expect things to turn out OK then you're wrong. Hire a professional relationship advisor that can help repair broken trust and more serious relationship problems such as infidelity.

Where to get help

By any chance, if you are addicted to cheating it is recommended to book a session with a life coach or psychics who will be able to offer help. They'll listen to you, understand your problems and help you get over the addiction. Open up and life coaches will guide you in the right direction.


Cheating should never be confused with love or lust. It is a way to hide your insecurities and you might do it subconsciously. In that case, it is highly recommended to take a conscious look at your actions and attitudes and redefine yourself.


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