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Top Tips For Your First Date

By Danusa Tula 21-Sep-2022 473 views No Comments

Top Tips For First Dating A mix of emotions take over on a first date. Wanting to impress or not meeting the expectations of the other are some of the sensations that terrify us. But know that some attitudes can improve the moment and turn it into a pleasant encounter. Check it out:

Be punctual
Let's start from the beginning: the date is set and the big day has arrived. Calculate all the steps, such as the time to choose clothes, get ready, the route to the place and possible unforeseen events. That way, you don't arrive late and already leave a good impression, in addition to giving you more confidence.

Be yourself
Remember that you don't have to prove anything to anyone, don't ever play a character. Be authentic and show your essence: this way, the conversation will flow much

Notice the signs

Understanding if the atmosphere of the conversation will give you more security to continue or interrupt a subject, see if the other is comfortable or even if it is time to leave or prolong the night.

Avoid ready-made jokes

Being fun doesn't mean telling jokes that could embarrass someone. Being spontaneous can make your crush more comfortable with the situation, but beware of ready-made jokes.

Have a good time
Remember that this is not a serious commitment and that it will not define your life forever. Have fun and leave the tension behind!

Choose a good meeting place
By mutual agreement, choose a place where you both feel comfortable and that allows for a good conversation. This can help make the date more enjoyable and safer for you. Imagine the annoyance of having to compete with the sound being too loud, or eating bad food or one that one party doesn't like? And there is still the risk of finding themselves in a dangerous place.

Avoid the awkward silences
The silence between one subject and another is inevitable, but, for a long time, it can be embarrassing. So how about asking those wildcard questions? Ask about the food, and if you're at a restaurant, find out what it was like to get there. They can help break the ice and make the person more comfortable.

Anything could happen
Avoid thinking about how the night can be: enjoy the moment! Be open to the countless possibilities of what can happen in a single date. Less open to having sex on the first date.

Set aside your time just for the meeting

Mark the date on your calendar, or even put a “busy” in your social media status. Do not resolve issues left over from work or home during the meeting. It's not cool that, in a first contact, the other has to compete for your attention with the cell phone.

Avoid talking about past relationships
Comparisons can upset many people. Allow yourself to know the other and be known: the new can surprise you!

Beware of monologues
Give gaps and signals so that the two interact in the conversation, not just one talking. If this occurs, make it clear that you would like to speak.

Value yourself
Show that you are a strong, confident person with many qualities. This can make a difference in a relationship, as it allows you to distinguish what is needed and what is not in your life.

Keep in mind that you are very nice, pleasant and fun: believe in yourself and forget about the insecurities that sometimes surround us. Don't get too carried away, but enjoy the moment!

These are some tips on how to behave on the first date, and of course I could write more tips like avoiding noisy environments, not drinking too much on the first date. Knowing someone is always an attempt by someone who knows how to flow a new love, a new romance.


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