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How do I quickly find a psychic?

Various ways to find a psychic or contact psychics quickly.

What Is Difference Between Offline And Away Status?

How do Offline and Away statuses differ with each other?

How to get free credits on Live Psychic Chat iPhone App?

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What is Archived Messages on Live Psychic Chat App?

On Archived Messages screen you can see your chat history with inactive advisors.

New feature suggestions

New features suggestions and discussion on the same.

How To Get Free Psychic Reading on Live Psychic Chat?

Follow these steps to get free psychic reading on Live Psychic Chat App.

What is difference between Message and Live Chat?

This topic will explain the difference between Message and Live Chat feature in Live Psychic Chat App.

Incoming Live Chat, Phone or Video Call Alert Is Not Shown on Android App

If you are not seeing incoming live chat, phone or video call alert then follow these instructions to fix the issue.

How To Send Message To Multiple Psychic Advisors

This help topic describes how to send a message to multiple advisors.