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23 Oct 2016 16:47

Thanks Tommy! i look forward to your prediction coming to pass.

- Deb

23 Oct 2016 15:13

always love your thoughtful reasponses! cant wait to hear from you

- Gabby

23 Oct 2016 14:55

I enjoyed my answer. She was very detailed and I cant wait to see the prediction come to pass thank you. Giver her a try.. Gteat

- sunshine

23 Oct 2016 14:51

so glad you have told me the truth Hope... thankyiu so much, i had a feeling he wasnt going to contact me anyway.

- Brittany

23 Oct 2016 14:48

I am truely amazed how she expressed my story. thank you and she is fast and to the point. 5 stars please contact her

- sunshine

23 Oct 2016 14:21

Hi Shaina-hope all is well...waiting for u to return online please :) your words help bring clearity. Hope all is well on your end!

- Priya

23 Oct 2016 05:22

wow thank you so much! :)

- Katherine

23 Oct 2016 04:23

thankyou so much right on point :)

- Tuli

23 Oct 2016 04:10

i always love Gina as the first reading i have for her was very brief and detailed. the second reading from her was very short and didnt answer all my questions:-(

- Sharlyn Garcia

23 Oct 2016 03:26

i had to but two messages bc she was so honest and good ... thank you for your time for my readings and i be back and let you know if it comes to pass god bless

- Celia

23 Oct 2016 03:25

can you please answer contact time! XO

- Saly1234

23 Oct 2016 03:24

thanks reading some prediction on job passed. i am just not clear on relationship side..some typos couldnt understand sentences if you can clarify good. thanks again for ur time!

- Saly1234

23 Oct 2016 02:18

he gives great advice and things happen the way he says they do!!!

- Rick

23 Oct 2016 02:14

ashlee is awesome. because she was so uplifting and fast i gave her 5 stars. her responses are long and well detailed. she did predict something to happen in 18 more sleeps. i will be back to update it. other then that. she was good x

- h..

23 Oct 2016 01:48

prediction came true!!! ;)

- Rick

23 Oct 2016 01:34

thank you Ashlee, she is very intuitive!

- Katherine

23 Oct 2016 01:10

thank you again sky and i will see what happens and i be back .. happy with another reading :0)

- Celia

23 Oct 2016 00:31

tommy connects so well. looking forward to that communication you predicted. i will keep positive and my faith. i will keep you updated :)

- dalia eden torres

23 Oct 2016 00:01

quick, short and straightfoward response....hoping for the outcome .. thanks a lot :)

- Angie

23 Oct 2016 00:00

very sweet and responds quick ... nice reading

- Angie

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