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Past Present and Future Love And Relationships

I am a love healer I specialize in love and relationships past present and future I have over 25 years of experience I specialize in love healing


Sophia's Testimonials

18-Apr-2019 @ 12:20:39

Sophie is someone you can rely on for an honest and quick response. She shows compassion and empathy in your messages.

- Kirsty freeman

12-Apr-2019 @ 11:24:58

Was right bout my sister passing exams.thanks Sophia :)

- Rebecca

10-Apr-2019 @ 14:39:39

Extremely clear cut answers. Questions were not addressed properly. Disappointed.

- AR

09-Apr-2019 @ 02:30:21

Sophia is amazing!!! She is one of the best if you want someone to tell you like it is talk yo her now

- Katvina

05-Apr-2019 @ 06:24:17

Thank you for the quick response and the peace of mind.

- L

05-Apr-2019 @ 06:11:52

Didn't really give me answer other than happiness coming soon. No explanation or guidance. I started to write again then deleted it cause I started to ask same questions from my first message.

- Theressa

05-Apr-2019 @ 03:50:12

I was hoping for some actual detail what I got was a very vague answer with no actual psychic insight. But she was nice so I guess that’s a good thing. Kinda want my money back though :(

- B

04-Apr-2019 @ 17:23:33

Thank you so much and I will be back to let you know what happens .. long and detailed god bless

- Celia

04-Apr-2019 @ 15:30:16

She is very kind and helpful. Thank you

- Princy

04-Apr-2019 @ 05:58:51

She’s honest

- Crystal

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