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Past Present and Future Love And Relationships

I am a love healer I specialize in love and relationships past present and future I have over 25 years of experience I specialize in love healing


Sophia's Testimonials

25-Jun-2019 @ 10:09:24

Not the psychic for me, not detailed in her reading.

- Nanthini

17-Jun-2019 @ 13:20:38

You are a great reader but with my learning disability it’s a little hard to understand not your fault at all just hard for me could you reword it thanks for being awesome and so fast

- Amy

14-Jun-2019 @ 12:43:25

First she said me and my ex will be happy together and a lot of changes will be happening then she said I can do better and I should show my ex I can do better. Contradicting..

- Melissa

02-Jun-2019 @ 04:32:15


- Lauren W

31-May-2019 @ 02:07:24

Your responses have been giving me hope thank you so much. But could you resend the last message because I think you were dictating your message because I didn’t understand it. Could you resend it?

- Connie

23-May-2019 @ 16:32:05

Everything you said was true! Thank you!

- Ashley

22-May-2019 @ 01:29:42

Hi Sophia I can't call can u please resend ur last msg and then answer about the confusion will review again 5 when fixed

- TR

18-May-2019 @ 05:13:56

I appreciate how quick u got back to me Sophia but u didn’t answer any of my questions :( all u wrote was I had to be positive to see changes....can u at least answer my question about the POI? I don’t think what u sent me was worth £5, or please refund

- Lindsay

12-May-2019 @ 21:02:51

sophia is actually the best she has helped me with so much i would go to her for anything and she even proves what she says by describing what the people i’m talking about look like i highly recommend her!!!

- amelia

05-May-2019 @ 17:35:36

Ok 10mn

- Jo

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