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Past Present and Future Love And Relationships

I am a love healer I specialize in love and relationships past present and future I have over 25 years of experience I specialize in love healing


Sophia's Testimonials

21-Aug-2019 @ 15:06:44

Cool thank you so much . I feel very relieved hear this . I can relax and let things happen between me and nick now. Your the best . Thank you again honestly in this matter :)

- lynn Gillett

13-Aug-2019 @ 17:14:22

Sorry I was late on testimonial... all this time she was very helpful to me and guiding me . predictions went all true .. thanks

- Princy

13-Aug-2019 @ 17:13:17

Great reading and thanks for everything

- Princy

13-Aug-2019 @ 17:12:59

She is accurate and very helpful to me

- Princy

13-Aug-2019 @ 17:12:43

Great always help me

- Princy

12-Aug-2019 @ 03:05:03

Thank you so much for everything and also being there and listening the most . I will keep you updated every week .

- lynn Gillett

20-Jul-2019 @ 07:05:51

I feel like this was more so advice then a real reading.

- Javen Starghill

10-Jul-2019 @ 05:51:56

Very nice thank u so much

- Ronnie

02-Jul-2019 @ 21:38:11

It is what it is

- Frank

02-Jul-2019 @ 21:37:59

An extremely nice and caring person

- Frank

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