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I'm soulmate & twin-flame specialist. I reunite lovers. I'm also specialised in photo reading.

I am a T.V. and Radio Psychic, a natural born psychic with a third generation blood line, My psychic gifts were present from a young age and I was encouraged by my grandmother to use them with ease. I have been working with spirit as my main guides and also have experience in angel therapy and cards, as well as crystals and tarot. I fully believe in the power of nature and connect to my pagan guides to give the most accurate readings, Specializing in love and relationships. You will not be disappointed chat with me now and lets get you back on the right track. I also specialize in Photo reading where I pick up energy of people and situation by meditating upon photos.


Amelia's Testimonials

20-Jun-2019 @ 23:55:00

She is very nice, she listens and gives detailed reading no sugar-coating. I can't wait for her predictions to pass.

- Tammy

20-Jun-2019 @ 23:50:00

Oh my God!! Amelia you are God send. You saved my life. I waited for me as you suggested and he came back, he just added me back on facebook. Thank you for help.

- Ramona

20-Jun-2019 @ 12:55:41

Sorry Amelia, lovely person and very positive and sweet but predictions didnt pass.... never got the job you said in would have. So disappointed x

- Nicole

16-Jun-2019 @ 00:09:55

She was inaccurate with my question on my career.

- Nanthini

08-Jun-2019 @ 22:21:48

I feel like she made a guess based on how I asked my question. It was positive but just far too vague and typical.

- Bre

07-Jun-2019 @ 17:50:10

She is a real gifted psychic, she read my past like she is seeing it in front of her eyes. Her prediction that he will contact me in the beginning of this month came true. She gave me hope which kept me going and finally we are together. Thank you for such a wonderful reading and help. You are the best!!!

- Saskia

02-Jun-2019 @ 22:19:50

Prediction pass

- Beth

08-May-2019 @ 23:05:38

First reading 20+ lines, second vaguer lines, third super vague 4 lines...

- Frank

19-Apr-2019 @ 19:05:48

OMG!!! Her prediction was spot on

- Reece

04-Apr-2019 @ 22:24:03

She is so talented, she picked up immediately on my situation and her predictions pass.

- Julia Stevens

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