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Reuniting lovers spiritual healer

Hello I am a psychic reader I specialize in reuniting lovers I am a spiritual healer chakra cleanser I have over 20 years of experience I have helped many people with all matters of life One reading with me will be life-changing for you to see what the future has in store for you


Shana's Testimonials

24-Jun-2019 @ 16:05:59

Shana is a genuine and honest person.. she has been patient and kind even through times I was down and didn’t have the best attitude .. I love her detailed predictions.. she gives me hope and better understanding of my situations

- Tee

08-Jun-2019 @ 19:54:46

Sorry you were so wrong . You are saying that I should hang in there with someone that is cold and abusive in the hope that beautiful things will come my way with this person ? you say you see so much good things with this person when my whole being is saying get out as fast as i can . it’s rubbish sorry there’s no way you could of being picking up on his energy correctly .

- Dannett

03-Jun-2019 @ 01:49:03

Also a super short and difficult to read message for 5.99. Moving on.

- Frank

03-Jun-2019 @ 01:47:53

Completely avoided my question... i wanted to know how to avoid the divorce... cest la vie.

- Frank

31-May-2019 @ 16:50:10

Been getting readings from her for a whole and she has been patient and kind with my situation. taps into the POI and has helped me a lot. thanks!

- Lily

23-May-2019 @ 19:21:42

There is a lot of typos in your last message hard to understand . Can you please clarify

- Taki

16-May-2019 @ 23:32:34

Good psychic seemed to resonate

- Alyssa

16-May-2019 @ 12:25:05

Timeframe wrong

- AR

07-May-2019 @ 02:45:31

Prediction of timeframe is inaccurate

- Alexa

13-Apr-2019 @ 09:59:20

Can you finish answering my last question please

- Tee

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