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06-Aug-2016 @ 08:09:35

Michelle is Absolutely amazing! she's, very key on points! sweet and I love her honesty of what u need to hear n not want to hear.. she's very open, detailed and I like she does not rush with you and complete to what your ask very confident in her works, thanks lady...

- Karon

06-Aug-2016 @ 05:51:28

hi thank you so much to you .

- Xue mei zheng

06-Aug-2016 @ 05:50:23

hi thanks you help me in all you times .

- Xue mei zheng

06-Aug-2016 @ 05:32:55

sherry's readings are so detailed, on point, caring and she is quick to reply, which I appreciate!

- Natalie

06-Aug-2016 @ 05:22:24

amazing. she is detailed and caring. you hear it in her msgs. i feel like im talking to a friend. thank you

- Rita

06-Aug-2016 @ 05:04:47

One of the best

- Alyssa chavarria

06-Aug-2016 @ 04:55:40

always gives a great reading!!

- Mike

06-Aug-2016 @ 04:52:06

You are greatest

- Alyssa chavarria

06-Aug-2016 @ 04:31:37

Thank you so much! she is very gifted!!

- Naz

06-Aug-2016 @ 03:29:41

reading from Susanne feels accurate, I just wish it was more detailed and longer... but she answered my questions.Thank you.

- Xx

06-Aug-2016 @ 02:30:20

Had a great positive reading from Emma. im glad that i reached out to her. And she gave me times frames when things should happen. ill be back for sure. Thank You!!

- Nichole

06-Aug-2016 @ 01:52:23

desiree reading always feel so right. looking forward to her beautiful predictions.

- dalia eden torres

06-Aug-2016 @ 01:08:51

Awesome reader!! glad i made contact with her!! Thank You i really enjoyed my reading. will be back FOR SURE. :)

- Nichole

06-Aug-2016 @ 00:50:20

helped put my mind at ease!... can u please answer my last qusetion thank you!

- Mouna qarmout

06-Aug-2016 @ 00:33:43

Always knows what to say! Wish i could talk to her all the time she puts my head at ease

- Alyssa chavarria

06-Aug-2016 @ 00:26:36

Thank you Desiree but can you please tell me "when" with my questions in my previous message?I dont have any more credits and i dont want to ask the same thing again twice! That was what i mostly wanted to know!Thanks!

- jazmin

06-Aug-2016 @ 00:23:57

Sonia is the most kind, genuine and wonderful reader. I'm so lucky to have her! She goes out of her way to help. Thank you lovely. Everything you do is much appreciated. Xx

- Reema

05-Aug-2016 @ 23:48:31

love talking to you. but have one request, i want the answe to the questions will he apologize and when. pls pla

- Rita

05-Aug-2016 @ 23:04:42

love your reading and honestly.but i trueley need a date or timeline to my questions if possible, thats if uou can tell me one. thanks

- Rita

05-Aug-2016 @ 22:43:00

on point

- Josi