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08 Jun 2016 04:46

very positive and insightful

- Cindy

08 Jun 2016 04:16

shes such a great reader, very accurate in all she has said

- Chelsey

08 Jun 2016 03:51

very quick answer lets hope her prediction holds true!

- Lewis

08 Jun 2016 03:06

i have so much concern and she answer it fully

- Ricia

08 Jun 2016 01:37

She is amazing! She was able to pick up things i didn't even tell her or anyone for that matter. Ashlee helped me overcome multiple fears about my relationship. Highly recommended.

- Nicole

08 Jun 2016 00:53

beautiful reading, ashley connected so well.

- dalia eden torres

08 Jun 2016 00:38

alotho she answered my question with a question in the end i liked her message... thank you

- Elena

08 Jun 2016 00:22

good insight. she knows of whats going on and very fast response.

- Racquel

08 Jun 2016 00:20

i gave her a 5 star bec she response fast and shes very good insight, u must try her.

- Racquel

07 Jun 2016 23:53

Nina is very good and she is nice but she will tell you the truth. Her readings did seem very accurate. I will say though, be very detailed and specific with what you want to know. She asks a lot of questions to keep you coming back. Other than that, I like her.

- Acacia

07 Jun 2016 23:41

Tina is so honest! She told me some things I did NOT want to hear and I love the honesty!!!! She does follow up on the reviews as well! You have to give her a try! She stays consistence and she doesn't change anything in her readings! She tells you EXACTLY what she sees and if she doesn't see it, she'll let you know. She has been helping me since last month. She always gives a long and detailed response! So far, she has been right about what she said. I asbolutely love how she tells me some things I don't want to hear. She always keeps me coming back and wanting more readings! She does gives me timeframes to look forward too. And she helps me stay positive as well. I used to not give her any information at all, but now I share the good and bad with her. Some of her predictions are coming to pass! Thank you for helping me so much and always being there for me.. and thank you for not putting a timeframe you don't see instead of putting something random or pretending! I appreciate that.

- Michele P

07 Jun 2016 23:25

tina is an amazing psychic her readings are accurate all my readings with her came true

- Khali

07 Jun 2016 22:58

great reading, let see

- Lili

07 Jun 2016 22:52

good reading

- Lili

07 Jun 2016 22:49

Thanks Tina For always being there for me.. your a good person.. always give 100% in your readings amazing I will always turn to you, if i need any advice.

- T

07 Jun 2016 21:06

its was a ok reading..

- T

07 Jun 2016 20:56

very good..!

- T

07 Jun 2016 10:49

I think she is wonderfull!

- Naz

07 Jun 2016 08:59

excellent reader. recommend her to anyone. thank you for your insight Sonia.

- Lorena

07 Jun 2016 08:58

she responded with a detail answer. was able to pick up on my situation. thank you.

- Lorena

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