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I specialise in love and relationships.

Im a Psychic Reader Specializing in love and relationships.If your feeling lost or alone I’m here for you,If your feeling confused about a situation,I will give you clarity.Im here to direct and guide you to your happiness.And help you make those tough decisions.


Gabrille's Testimonials

13-Jan-2019 @ 14:08:09

When I told you how the opposite of what you predicted happened, you then told me and I quote, "he must have changed his mind. A relationship is starting to develop with a female close to him and he has developed feelings for her". He told me himself and I can see that there's no one else around him and he still has feelings for me. You couldn't have been more wrong. Never again!!!!!

- Nicole

12-Jan-2019 @ 08:10:46

thank you! for talking with me and answering my question. have a good rest of your day.

- User user

03-Jan-2019 @ 00:41:07

very quick response. also accurate!! thanks so much :)

- Rikki

29-Dec-2018 @ 03:53:17

will you answer me plz

- Bilkis begum

28-Dec-2018 @ 17:38:04

not accurate.

- Michele

27-Dec-2018 @ 20:05:20

I want to respond to the person below: energy shifts everyday. readings: life can change everyday.. a persons mind can change.. nothing is set in stone.. psychics can pick up cheating, love, fear, past, present & future but dont blame them for energy changing... :)

- Elizabeth Rose

27-Dec-2018 @ 20:03:34

thank you! amazing & talented!

- Elizabeth Rose

27-Dec-2018 @ 19:54:17

i have left you feedback based on how I felt your reading was, there was no need to send me an abrupt message back. Thank you for your readings previously, but we obviously have not connected as others on this app have said differently the last few days.

- Laura

27-Dec-2018 @ 19:34:04

reading has suddenly changed against what shes been saying for months?

- Laura

27-Dec-2018 @ 04:39:44

Gabrille thank you.

- Theressa

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