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27 Jul 2016 19:56

Short answer but positive...looking forward to prediction.

- Leslie

27 Jul 2016 19:28

My 3 top favorites are Ashlee, Michelle, and Izabelle. Ashlee is the one I go to the most. My to-go psychic for everyday situations! I speak to Michelle from time to time, I go to Izabelle for a more overall outlook and outcome. Izabelle gives me the bigger picture.

- Michele P

27 Jul 2016 19:01

I don't know how Ashlee does it, but she always keeps me coming back to her. I loved my very first reading with her. Some things kept changing and I had asked her why did the timeframes kept changing and she explained to me what was going on and why things keep getting delayed. she's been giving me an advice on how to make sure things don't get delayed. she's very realistic and very accurate. Ashlee said I won't get a promise ring, but Tina said I would. When Ashlee said I wouldn't, I kept on coming back. I tried other psychics, but I mainly speak with Ashlee, Michelle, and Izabelle. Izabelle and Tina are very positive, but Izabelle is more realistic than Tina. Michelle and Ashlee are more realistic than both Tina and Izabelle. Michelle is accurate and she is able to tell me what the other person says, but Ashlee can see more of the hidden things than any psychic I have encourtered about this paricular situation. On July 12th, I made a mistake and sent some messages to my lover's friend. On that day, I had contacted Michelle and she told me not to trust that person. On July 16th, I contacted Ashlee and she mentioned something I had did on July 12th. Mind you, I didn't bring this up to Ashlee. She's been giving me an advice on what to do, so I won't make any mistakes that would change my destiny with my lover. Ashlee explained to me what was going on and she's really been accurate. She said something would happen and it happened this morning.

- Michele P

27 Jul 2016 17:27

Thank you Sonia. I hope your predictions come true. I will stay positive :) x

- Robin

27 Jul 2016 12:07

Thanks Sonia x

- Nicky

27 Jul 2016 11:55

was feeling very negative about a situation she made me feel better and positive. hope it works out had a readig for her before which turned out true so now waiting for the rest to come true

- Hayley

27 Jul 2016 09:47

thank you love talking to you will keep you posted

- Janet Day

27 Jul 2016 07:06

i love alissa's long detailed response! she is quick, positive and compassionate! looking forward to predictions in the future :)

- Chantel

27 Jul 2016 06:09

hi thank you again to you i am happy to talk you yiu let me know my sitation to me .

- Xue mei zheng

27 Jul 2016 06:02

Trust me Tina the information that you were able to give me already made me feel at ease, thank you!:)

- jazmin

27 Jul 2016 05:54

loved the reading , she is positive , helpful and reassuring !! she understood the sutuation it was accurate cant wait for her predictions come true !! thank you

- Wadima

27 Jul 2016 04:45

I have come a long way because of Tina. Wow wow wow!! I read oir old messages and I can't believe all of the things she said that came true.

- Elizabeth

27 Jul 2016 03:47

mind blown wish u were online more ! waiting for a response u iust got obline lol

- Josi

27 Jul 2016 02:12

i liked the first reading very much as it was long and detailed but i feel that my the last message was misunderstood, and i did not get an answer to my question. please Paris if you are reading this could you get back to me and confirm whether the things i plan to say to the person in question are ok and wont cause damage or it will be too much for them to take? thank you

- Xx

27 Jul 2016 01:47

Honest and caring. Nina says it how it is, good or bad. She is an amazing woman. Thank you for being in my corner. Love you tons!!

- Nichole

27 Jul 2016 01:43

she is just amazing!! amazing lady!!

- Nichole

27 Jul 2016 00:10

she is the real deal thank you god bless

- Tiffany

26 Jul 2016 23:24

you are so awesome!!! thank you for kind words and accurate reading ;)

- Ebone

26 Jul 2016 23:19

detailed snd sweet! thank you:)

- Ebone

26 Jul 2016 23:18

very kind and indighful. thank you!!

- Ebone

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