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Lisa A

Lisa A

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Warm And Compassionate Listening, Here For You Today

I'm a caring listener with experience of helping others with their issues for over 20 years. I'mable to make you feel very comfortable and nothing is too big a problem for me.  With much experience in many life problems I'm able to understand and relate to your issues quickly and efficiently. My subjects are in love & relationship and emotional issues.


Lisa A's Testimonials

25-Nov-2018 @ 14:50:31

For months and months she told me it will be summer, then september, and then because i declined her services she told me they are inlove and he will never come back? i just don't trust her anymore.

- Laura

24-Nov-2018 @ 13:59:52

I thought she was accurate but she's really not

- Gill

24-Nov-2018 @ 12:11:08

clear and helpful, gave time frame. hoping it will be true

- Marita

23-Nov-2018 @ 22:18:25

i felt she was accurate and prompt. thank you!

- Katherine

31-Oct-2018 @ 15:34:06

thank you so much :)

- Rikki

28-Oct-2018 @ 14:31:54

In August I was told a few weeks before contact would happen, then in September I was told before the end of the year (I guess to cover all bases)...I'd just rather the truth! Thanks anyway

- Leslie

25-Oct-2018 @ 18:49:20

all of her predictions have come true. shes amazing !

- Rajvir

12-Oct-2018 @ 09:10:50

Can you please elaborate let him come back? Hes still here so im confused

- h..

12-Oct-2018 @ 09:10:24

I really liked her readings. It seems thoughtful and nice thank you.

- h..

04-Oct-2018 @ 17:42:31

first i was told he would come back in summer; then october & now im being told his energy is negative and needs work on it. hmmmm!

- Laura

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