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Lisa A

Lisa A

(154 ratings)


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Warm And Compassionate Listening, Here For You Today

I'm a caring listener with experience of helping others with their issues for over 20 years. I'mable to make you feel very comfortable and nothing is too big a problem for me.  With much experience in many life problems I'm able to understand and relate to your issues quickly and efficiently. My subjects are in love & relationship and emotional issues.


Lisa A's Testimonials

11-Mar-2019 @ 15:38:45

The reading overall was really vague, I asked "when" I will hear from them, I felt like that question wasn't answered

- CeeCee

03-Mar-2019 @ 06:26:12

Over a year of readings and despite me meeting various poi, Lisa told me mid last year I was still to meet him. I met him in November as she said. She also saw changes in career early last year, I lost my job in May, went freelance and found a new job! Everything has been spot on! And no sugar coating! Amazing!

- Chloe

01-Mar-2019 @ 14:26:42

Thank you Lisa ❤️ I hope it comes true

- Teanna J

08-Feb-2019 @ 03:35:41


- Sheila

06-Feb-2019 @ 03:36:17

So far Lisa has been accurate guess we shall see if the rest pans out

- Melissa williams

11-Jan-2019 @ 09:03:15

Incorrect on gender!!

- HarrGirl

02-Jan-2019 @ 18:39:20

plz answer me

- Bilkis begum

22-Dec-2018 @ 18:01:49

you sent me the same thing you said last time -

- Melissa williams

20-Dec-2018 @ 14:42:05

didnt even try. no details, nothing. i may aswell refer to myself as a psychic if answers like that is all it takes. thanks for nothing. cheers.

- Annie

14-Dec-2018 @ 13:47:15

She is honest and genuine advisor. All of her predictions have passed.

- Elsa Smith

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