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13-Aug-2016 @ 21:06:02

totally knew my situation without me telling her anything! just gutted have to wait ages for contact! my ex's ex used their child as a weapon so he went back but he is single again now

- Lisa

13-Aug-2016 @ 19:43:16

I just love Desiree she is sooo sweet and when I'm Freaking out she just calms me right down.

- Meagan

13-Aug-2016 @ 19:13:46

Great connection, shes very sweet and courteous and gives lots of valuable insight and detail. Very accurate and quick to reply as well! Thank you so very much Michelle. :)

- Diana

13-Aug-2016 @ 17:36:38

thank you!

- Jen

13-Aug-2016 @ 17:10:52

Very quick answer, confident, self assured abd direct. amazing.

- Sara

13-Aug-2016 @ 16:25:11


- S

13-Aug-2016 @ 15:17:22

Thank you!

- Naz

13-Aug-2016 @ 15:01:34

I liked her response and ber honesty!! I truly feel she connected with my situation... Im thankful i reached out bc now Im feeling a little better about things!! Thank you!! :))

- B

13-Aug-2016 @ 14:47:56

sonia youve amazed me with your reading! im in awee! you have put my heart and mind at ease. looking forward to your prediction.

- dalia eden torres

13-Aug-2016 @ 14:21:35

Extremely compassionate and patient on difficult and sensitive topics. She is lovely.

- Sara

13-Aug-2016 @ 13:38:31

Nina is FREAKING AMAZING! I have been consulting with her for the past 5 months and everything she has ever said comes to be. It always happens exactly how she says. She is my person go to gal!

- Roxy

13-Aug-2016 @ 13:24:26

WOW! Super long message, brought in my granny. Real deal, amazing!!!

- Sara

13-Aug-2016 @ 13:19:27

Love her insight she is very intuitive her reading is detailed and she answers all your questions. I would highly recommend a reading with her.

- Shaaz

13-Aug-2016 @ 12:35:34

Thanks for answering my question.

- Tonya

13-Aug-2016 @ 12:34:34

Thanks. My message was short and to the point. Although it was favorable I still felt some doubt.

- Tonya

13-Aug-2016 @ 12:32:41

I love her reading. She answers you and adds that little extra to her message that leaves no doubt. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. Tonya

- Tonya

13-Aug-2016 @ 12:05:20

Candy has unlimited patience, lovely lady

- Sara

13-Aug-2016 @ 10:16:53

one thing for sure she doesnt sugsr coat lol

- Josi

13-Aug-2016 @ 10:12:40

she was so accurate about the current situation. i wish she's online more often cause i would like to ask what the future holds before i wash my hands from my situation

- Rita

13-Aug-2016 @ 08:11:23

Great connection. Caring and also detailed. Thank you.

- Lori K