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Love & relationship expert, I reunite lovers.

I am a 6th generation clairvoyant, clairaudient empathic psychic, I am an energy base psychic which helps me to provide details on people's emotions and feelings. My predictions always do come true. I Specialize in love and relationship.


April's Testimonials

08-Jun-2019 @ 20:55:57

Hi April im really sorry but there are so many typos in the reading that I struggle to make sense of it, its a bit chaotic. I do not understand what do his finances have to do with all this?What do you mean that my love life will go in a different direction? Does it mean things will get better between us or does it mean it will be over? Please can you kindly resend your message? Thank you

- Xx

06-Jun-2019 @ 23:08:22

April is the best while everyone was telling me I needed a cleanse. April told me to be patient and gave me an accurate time frame of when my ex will reach out. She told me in June it will be a positive month for me so far it has!! I have a new job and I’ve been feeling a lot better about things ❤️ thanks April

- Stephanie

01-Jun-2019 @ 16:42:57

Thank you April you was absolutely spot on xx

- Theresa

28-May-2019 @ 17:36:31

Told me he would pull towards me this month, I tried to reach out myself but now he fully ignores me. Literally heart broken

- Gretta

27-May-2019 @ 13:51:57

Loved the reading because It was exactly what I wanted to hear but literally being given false hopes is so hard breaking. Said a boy would pull towards me this month but actually he deleted me off social media and completely stopped contact. Majority of other psychics said he would continue going back to his ex whereas this one said he would leave her, id much rather hear harsh truth. Plus she said he loved me.. We only met twice. Literally I feel so upset because these readings just keep you hooked onto someone who doesn't even respect you

- Gretta

26-May-2019 @ 23:57:43

In depth reading & ty for checking & verifying once again

- Theresa

24-May-2019 @ 21:02:19

April is just a superb psychic, her reading's are lengthy & detailed, so accurate & supportive! xx

- Theresa

20-May-2019 @ 19:37:11

In depth reading. Thank you!

- Ditte

19-May-2019 @ 22:40:15

Thank you April once again for your reassurance ❤ you!

- Theresa

19-May-2019 @ 21:17:53

April did he ghost me because his ex came back into his life? Is that what u mean by him having negative emotions?

- Gretta

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