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13 Oct 2016 19:44

thanks sonia, as always you ease my mind and give me hope

- Rita

13 Oct 2016 19:31

Amy is one of the best advisors on this app! always fast to repy, honest, clear and detailed! thank you Amy!!

- Natalie

13 Oct 2016 17:01

I have had two readings from her and she is amazing. She responded quick and gave me detailed answers both times. Verry caring and compasionate. Highly recommended.

- Lori K

13 Oct 2016 14:13

Omg!! she so so freaking awesome! ! I didn't even tell her about the phone call an she picked up on it! wholy somkes.... she is the real deal right hear! thanks so much Christina! I will keep u up dated! love an light to as alwsys

- Godseyes

13 Oct 2016 13:54

been speaking with Candy for a couple of weeks and all i can is wow! cannot recommended her enough. all her readings have come true, all the advice she has given makes sense and helps. i think she has a way with words and definitely knows how to calm ones mind.

- Jacqui

13 Oct 2016 13:41

thx for the reading

- S

13 Oct 2016 13:28

love love love Shaina's talent. she's never been wrong in her predictions - everything she says has come true and the advice she gives us fantastic -such talent. cannot recommend her enough!

- Jacqui

13 Oct 2016 11:33

Thanks...made me feel a lot better! I will leave it alone. Hopefully things get better!

- Leslie

13 Oct 2016 11:19

hi Nina.. thank you for all of your readings..can you please answer my last message.. thanks a lot

- Romana

13 Oct 2016 10:28

thank you Susie for your reading and helpful advice

- Xx

13 Oct 2016 03:43

thank you connie for your advise i will see what happens than i be back soon :0)

- Celia

13 Oct 2016 03:15

She is soooo sooo detailed and sweet. She isn't fickle or changes her mind. I follow her advice wholeheartedly!!

- Elizabeth

13 Oct 2016 03:14

She has never beeb wrong. Sometimes she can't give dates, but her predictions always come to pass!! With my situation, she could give me a timeline specifically until tonight!! Two weeks. Auggggg I can't wait!!

- Elizabeth

13 Oct 2016 02:56

I spoke to her in Aug 31 and she said in two months and im tbh just crying because no ones TF come to pass. Connie if you see this and can reassue me that the TF will come to pass i would be thankful because Im freaking out.

- jazmin

13 Oct 2016 01:07

Thanks a lot :)

- Deb

13 Oct 2016 00:35

she did say i would hear from him, and i did!! Now, i very, very confused about what happened.

- Nichole

12 Oct 2016 23:21

gooooood ! details and clear

- Y

12 Oct 2016 22:55

For the first few readings I felt like she was genuine but then my ladt reading was literally the same exact message she sent in the past. So I am nit sure how to feel about her accuracy

- Galya

12 Oct 2016 22:10

hi i am your reading but i am also confues your last times you me that one so i am thank you to you you help me in before i hope you have good reading again thanks

- Xue mei zheng

12 Oct 2016 20:59

thankyou Christina u put my heart & mind at ease

- Kirsty

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