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09 Sep 2016 00:15

update: i do believe what she said about him being interested in me & i did see him on the day she told me i would, however; i strongly disagree about him being insecure and me liking other men..he's just shy like Amy said. only half of Ashlee's predictions came true.

- Michele P

08 Sep 2016 22:51

Ashley i hope you will see this- thank you so much for the longest, most positive, encouraging, and empowering readings. Thank you so much for taking your time out to type a very long, specific message every time I asked something. Thank you for being there for me when I was stressed or unhappy and needed someone to uplift my spirits-i really appreciate your effort to make me feel hopeful and positive- but I think it is time to move on for me. I have been holding onto a wrong person for too long and the sooner I accept that it is never going to work out, the better. Otherwise I would keep breaking my own heart. Thank you again.

- Xx

08 Sep 2016 22:40

Thanks, Paris!

- Sarah

08 Sep 2016 21:28

update: she predicted that the man I'm into is a little shy and he just told me today that's a little shy. he also told me about the stress he's having as well.

- Michele P

08 Sep 2016 21:26

When will you come back i miss chatting with you.

- Shaaz

08 Sep 2016 20:35

Thanks Sherry!

- Sarah

08 Sep 2016 19:59

very refreshing and honest

- Lili

08 Sep 2016 17:25

thank you !!! ;)

- Rick

08 Sep 2016 16:12

She went in depth and explained the whole situation with ease helping me to understand everything. She is amazing. please try her.

- Sara

08 Sep 2016 16:08

thank you again :0) i guess inhave to see which one it is

- Celia

08 Sep 2016 15:58

she confirmed what i was feeling and shes amazing!!! Thank you!!! ;)

- Rick

08 Sep 2016 15:25

shes very good!!!!

- Lolita London

08 Sep 2016 15:02

She responded quickly and gave a good answer with detail

- Sara

08 Sep 2016 14:41

oh she's good!!!! thank you so much!!!!

- Rick

08 Sep 2016 12:56

thx a lot:)

- S

08 Sep 2016 12:16

She's incredible - seriously. briefly informed her of my current situation and she replied with such detailed advice with exact dates. Will write after the proposed exact date.

- Jacqui

08 Sep 2016 12:11

Thank you for such lovely words of encouragement. it's been a great few days after your reading. thank you!

- Jacqui

08 Sep 2016 11:02

amazing girl I love her to pieces she has helped me keep keep my faith in a reconciliation with my ex boyfriend she has given me very helpful insight into things looking up for me and him she is very sweet caring and helpful just waiting to see it things come true. xx

- Sheryl Brooks

08 Sep 2016 08:34

i love the way Molie talks. super positive and uplifting!

- Sose

08 Sep 2016 05:52

Thankyou your reading made me feel positive and you are very sweet to talk to.

- Shaaz

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