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Intuitive psychic & Guardian angel communicator

Hi! My name is Samantha O'Hara I am a 3rd generation psychic, I've been in the psychic realm for over 7 years and counting, if you're having troubles in your relationship, career, family & much more I have the 97.8% ability to guide you along the right path that you are suppose to be on, giving you enlightenment and clear mind. I specialize in angel card readings, with a angel card reading I am able to connect with your personal guardian angels, higher sources & spiritual world, relating messages they are wanting to give you! BELIEVE ME, YOU'VE NEVER HAD A READING THIS GOOD! Love & Light, Samantha


Savannah's Testimonials

09-Oct-2019 @ 10:20:41

Thanks again your amazing X

- Kirsty

06-Oct-2019 @ 21:54:31

She is the best on here -Thankyou

- Kirsty

04-Oct-2019 @ 00:17:41

She is the real deal, I hope her predictions come true

- Happiness

02-Oct-2019 @ 18:10:12

Thank you even tho I was told different but he probably change his mind on a daily basis sending positive energy your way

- Jcham

30-Sep-2019 @ 01:45:47

Wasn’t inline with what all other pyshics say on this site and didn’t answer my question on when contact will occur.

- Carmen

24-Sep-2019 @ 20:30:16

Completely spot on so far. I hope your right hun. Reply please

- Naaah

23-Sep-2019 @ 14:03:00

Savannah is very straight to the point no sugar coat I love that! Honesty is a brighter future whether that be good or bad ☆♡

- Trueblue

22-Sep-2019 @ 02:15:33

Very honest and helpful review. She made me feel better about my situation

- Jenifer Stsrnes

20-Sep-2019 @ 15:05:04

Savannah can you give me more details about help & advice please thanking you ♡

- Trueblue

20-Sep-2019 @ 07:14:28

She’s great and detailed.Lovely reading. Thank you

- 96x

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