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Crystal Star

Crystal Star

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Natural born psychic, loves specialist.

I am a natural born third-generation psychic with over 10 years of experience I specialize in all areas in life Which includes past present future love career help marriage and much more. I love to create harmony and balance towards my clients.


Crystal Star's Testimonials

05-Aug-2019 @ 14:00:57

I don’t feel she connected with me at all

- Happiness

04-Aug-2019 @ 01:03:16

Crystal has been wonderful and I will continue to speak with her.You cant go wrong.GIVE HER A CALL YOU WONT BE SORRY

- Katherine Ryan

23-Jul-2019 @ 03:07:26

Thank you for all your insight .Your words will help me to be patient.Look forward to seeking you sgain

- Katherine Ryan

09-Jul-2019 @ 15:33:16

Was quick to reply and I felt her answer was quite detailed, she kinda confirmed what I was thinking about POI....thanks x

- Lins

08-Jul-2019 @ 23:05:37

Hi there. You asked if I’ve tried and yes. I reached out to him 4th of July and he responded that he misses me, I said the same back. No response after that. I don’t think I can buy another credit today so if you can still complete the reading I would appreciate it!

- L

06-Jul-2019 @ 22:53:07

Good reading on situation but didn’t tell me if or when we would reconcile. To answer your question. I think the distance started because we both thought each other was cheating. Please respond. Thanks.

- Carmen

03-Jul-2019 @ 21:07:05

Crystal is clear detailed and concise. I have yet to have any predictions pass but I have no doubt they will. Shes so normal and relatable which is a huge attraction for me

- Rashdah

03-Jul-2019 @ 18:52:53

Hi sorry I cant afford another reading and I am disappointed you ended my reading with asking me a question. No we had no argument, I explained to you what was said in our last conversation word by word. Thats why I turned to you, to give me an insight as its been confusing to me :(

- Xx

03-Jul-2019 @ 07:52:22

Picked up a lot on my situation without giving much. She’s great and I enjoy getting readings from her

- Morgan

02-Jul-2019 @ 10:18:39

Thank you Crystal , you said everything I wanted to hear and I wish it was true but unfortunately I dont think it will ever happen based on his actions.

- Xx

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