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Reunites lovers. True born psychic.

I am a true born psychic born with the ability to foresee into the future guiding and providing answers in love marriage business and health I am here to be a direct connection between you and your spirit guides telling you which decisions to make what it is that your partner is thinking if you are in the right position if you should move if you were in the right relationship With your true soulmate


Jacqueline 's Testimonials

11-Jul-2019 @ 04:23:05

Gave me great insight on my situation. Highly recommended

- Sae

10-Jul-2019 @ 06:16:08

Advised there will be contact this month, not romantically but just friendly. She was right, we had a conversation yesterday about a mutual friend being in hospital. Prediction passed. Jacqueline has advised he will reach out again, do you know when? Thank you for your messages, will defo be one of my go to Psychic’s on here.

- Laura

09-Jul-2019 @ 15:28:16

Decent reply....thanks x

- Lins

09-Jul-2019 @ 01:56:53

nice decent reply, but avoided the time frame question, or going into details. Reading was a little bit vague.

- Frank

08-Jul-2019 @ 21:38:30

She answered my questions and seemed to be in line with what others have said.

- L

08-Jul-2019 @ 02:29:56

Good reading, gives some good details and says it how it is. Like it, thank you!

- Ilona

07-Jul-2019 @ 00:23:31

Very nice and helpful! I recommend her as she picked things up without my telling her. Give her a try!

- Morgan

06-Jul-2019 @ 15:57:25

Very accurate! She gave really honest feedback and related well to my situation. Jacqueline could you please answer all the questions?

- Melissa

06-Jul-2019 @ 13:45:22

Hi im sorry but you misread the second message- I was asking about something else...i did not ask/want him to visit now, but in the past. No point in visiting now as she is gone...

- Xx

06-Jul-2019 @ 00:36:28

Thought she was good until she started offering extra services. I'm done with this app. So much money wasted..

- Nanthini

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