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Accurate 100% ,quick, love, cheating, career

I am a natural born psychic. I realized l had abilities as a child and l have been professionally reading for the past 10 years. I am very and accurate non judgmental. I do not sugar coat. If your want the truth and are willing to know the good and the bad l am here to assist you. I use my two spirit guides male and female to get my answers as well as tarot cards. I am empathetic so l tune into your energies very quickly l have a better understanding of your situation because of this gift l possess. I meditate daily and l also fast during my working hours this helps me to be deeply connected with spirit to give you accurate readings. My purpose is to help people. I specialize in love and relationship readings. With my years of experience l can detect a cheating partner, detect soul mates, reunite lovers. I am also verse in career readings. Will you get the new job will you get the promotion? I will tell you everything l see the good the bad. Many blessings


Cindylee's Testimonials

26-Jun-2019 @ 12:52:03

Oh Cindylee is excellent she told me something about my current partner making a loss with his business, I didn't give her any signs of that whatsoever but she tapped in, definitely a real psychic!

- Theresa

25-Jun-2019 @ 19:22:25

She's very accurate with my situition & her predictions are slowly unfolding ♡

- Theresa

24-Jun-2019 @ 21:45:16

I thought kind of short for 6£. I feel like shouldve put more effort in

- Gretta

24-Jun-2019 @ 01:11:17

Good straight forward response! Will see how we go

- Ilona

23-Jun-2019 @ 14:41:00

She’s great, she’s honest and gives good advice, also provides a rough timeline which is very helpful thank you cindylee

- Laura

18-Jun-2019 @ 20:44:18

Her prediction of me meeting a new love life definitely came true I am so happy with this new guy!

- Amethyst

11-Jun-2019 @ 22:14:43

Cindylee seems to be honest and upfront as well as detailed and giving enough information to put my mind at ease. Always gives timeframes, hoping her predictions come to pass

- Laura

11-Jun-2019 @ 17:11:08

Cindy Lee has become my go to ever since she joined. She is accurate and detailed in her responses. I feel happy with her answers which many have passed!

- Rashdah

04-Jun-2019 @ 02:58:43

Not sure I got a psychic reading the first message was confusing ,I think I got advice not a reading so I paid £5.99 to ask to clarify, & I got a 6 word reply .and I don’t think she’s right as me and the person in question have spoken and we know what we want to do .

- Dannett

04-Jun-2019 @ 02:40:42

Seems like a nice reader but reply was a little short.

- L

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