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Psychic, angels communicator, spiritual healer.

I have more than 25 years experience in being a psychic and I can do also tarot card reading. I'm here to help you to find the right path to follow without any judgment. In my experience, I find it is more beneficial to be an honest friend. Sometimes, my guides and tarot may not tell you what you want to hear. However, the message is true and an important wake up call for your life’s purpose and journey. In psychic sessions, my guides, tarot cards and crystals are always ready to be focused on giving the best advice and comfort.


Ombretta 's Testimonials

11-Sep-2019 @ 23:44:47

Thank you for all your insight, you definitely go that extra mile to care and give the best reading you can & myself & others that have had a reading from you appreciate your time and effort you put in . I will be back to let you know how things turn out for me

- Dannett

11-Sep-2019 @ 23:39:55

Thank you a beautiful reading and you give so much insight and you don’t seem to care how long the message is if that’s what it takes for you to tell what needs to be said . I’m going to take all what you have told me on board because deep inside I know you are right . You picked up on my character to thank you so much

- Dannett

10-Sep-2019 @ 13:14:12

More than 5 stars!!! Love your readings as always!! Such a kind warm & encouraging lady!! Highly recommended! :-)

- Susan

03-Sep-2019 @ 13:43:16

Always love your readings! Direct & honest!! Thank u very much! I will note what u say.. have a good week ahead, dear!! P.S. it’s night now .. :-)

- Susan

26-Aug-2019 @ 00:03:06

Remember. The more specific you are with your issue the more detail you will get back on how to heal. She is the BEST!

- Jerry

25-Aug-2019 @ 03:28:48

Thank you! Was about 75% right about things! My gut just tells me something different about the different men I’ve asked about.

- Gill

25-Aug-2019 @ 03:17:38


- Lauren W

23-Aug-2019 @ 23:50:13

Woah she's good!

- Trueblue

23-Aug-2019 @ 21:46:25

I felt the truth of this reading and it made me cry. I felt I was given a direction that I already knew to be true in my heart. I am and will be forever grateful.

- Jerry

23-Aug-2019 @ 21:44:31

She is honest. If you take what she says to heart and apply it your life will seem a little more easy. She is the best!

- Jerry

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