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I am a spiritual reader and love specialist.

I am a naturally born gifted psychic and clairvoyant i provide spiritual wisdom and guidance using my intuitive abilities i am able to provide a accurate service for those that are searching for clarity i have a warm and welcoming energy i am easy to connect with and very understanding i do not sugar coat my readings it is my passion to help others i get straight to the point and waste no time I was put on this earth to help others discover their journey through life. I’m here to help you on your journey guide you through every step of the way. I could tap into your energy very quickly and accurately telling you everything you’re going through, & answer all of your un answerd questions. if you are feeling stressed, worried, or burdened, about any topic of your lifes matters, I am here to help you get on the right path your meant to be on I do specialize in love and relationship but can help with all topics.


Anastasia 's Testimonials

27-Jun-2019 @ 07:26:35

Hi Anastasia, please check your messages. I sent you a message. Thank you.

- Nanthini

27-Jun-2019 @ 05:47:10


- Ty Ty

25-Jun-2019 @ 04:18:21

Very long and in depth. Thank you!

- Shae

22-Jun-2019 @ 13:36:04

I owe this wonderful lady a review all her predictions are slowly unfolding definitely recommend her !!

- Theresa

12-Jun-2019 @ 20:16:40

I hope to hear from you... I really need to talk to you and need your help.

- Morgan

04-Jun-2019 @ 17:34:58

Hope to hear from you soon. Really need to talk to you.

- Morgan

02-Jun-2019 @ 10:56:05

He says he doesn’t have feelings so I’m confused now

- Ty Ty

30-May-2019 @ 06:58:13

Long detailed readings from Anastasia! Thank u so much!

- Susan

29-May-2019 @ 21:37:15

Few months???? Could you give a timeframe pls as few month could be 3,4,10 months

- T

29-May-2019 @ 20:18:41

The first message seemed to be accurate and I purchased another one to get more clarity but the second reading was a bit of a disappointment to be honest as it unfortunately did not give me more insight into the was more like an advice to stay positive which is close to impossible at the moment. Thank you anyway and I hope you will not find this review offensive as so many other readers on this site do whenever they dont get full 5*. Thank you

- Xx

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