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I am a spiritual reader and love specialist.

I am a naturally born gifted psychic and clairvoyant i provide spiritual wisdom and guidance using my intuitive abilities i am able to provide a accurate service for those that are searching for clarity i have a warm and welcoming energy i am easy to connect with and very understanding i do not sugar coat my readings it is my passion to help others i get straight to the point and waste no time I was put on this earth to help others discover their journey through life. I’m here to help you on your journey guide you through every step of the way. I could tap into your energy very quickly and accurately telling you everything you’re going through, & answer all of your un answerd questions. if you are feeling stressed, worried, or burdened, about any topic of your lifes matters, I am here to help you get on the right path your meant to be on I do specialize in love and relationship but can help with all topics.


Anastasia 's Testimonials

18-Jul-2019 @ 16:35:16

Thank you but your message is cut off, can you finish it?

- Gill

18-Jul-2019 @ 08:31:24

Thank you for your long detailed reading i will do as you suggested you was spot on in your first reading so thank you for that to . This message cut off so can you take a look and resend the rest of it please .

- Dannett

27-Jun-2019 @ 07:26:35

Hi Anastasia, please check your messages. I sent you a message. Thank you.

- Nanthini

27-Jun-2019 @ 05:47:10


- Ty Ty

25-Jun-2019 @ 04:18:21

Very long and in depth. Thank you!

- Shae

22-Jun-2019 @ 13:36:04

I owe this wonderful lady a review all her predictions are slowly unfolding definitely recommend her !!

- Trueblue

12-Jun-2019 @ 20:16:40

I hope to hear from you... I really need to talk to you and need your help.

- Morgan

04-Jun-2019 @ 17:34:58

Hope to hear from you soon. Really need to talk to you.

- Morgan

02-Jun-2019 @ 10:56:05

He says he doesn’t have feelings so I’m confused now

- Ty Ty

30-May-2019 @ 06:58:13

Long detailed readings from Anastasia! Thank u so much!

- Susan

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