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I’m a psychic, who helps in all matters of life.

I’m a natural born psychic, I have over eleven years of professionally giving guidance. I’ve only been getting stronger over these past years, my goal is to help my clients over come obstacles giving them answers, and peace of mind, by tapping into clients energy field I will get anwsers to any questions that may be troubling you. I provide timeframes and detailed anwsers, for client to have specific information to know how to handle these future events. I connect with you through energy vibration, no tools necessary! Looking forward to connecting with you.


Georgia 's Testimonials

22-May-2019 @ 15:16:49

I absolutely love Georgia all of her predications have came true about my bf responding back to me

- Lala

21-May-2019 @ 05:24:39

Thanks for insights and answering some of my questions previously. Interesting. I hope all goes well. Thanks.

- Eleanor

15-May-2019 @ 01:42:03

Georgia ,she is right in with a question I asked about my son exact on ,she gives the time frame and was right on that also, I will be back

- Dmaria

14-May-2019 @ 19:31:09

Will update if prediction passes. Thnx fr clarifying

- AR

14-May-2019 @ 04:43:15

Offered additional services and second message was short and vague.Not at all happy.

- AR

14-May-2019 @ 03:22:51

Thank you for clarifying. I’ll keep you posted!

- Gabrielle

11-May-2019 @ 22:23:44

Georgia is nice but her responses were short and vague. Didn’t really receive information I was looking for due to that

- Gabrielle

11-May-2019 @ 19:24:03

One thing I've learnt is you can tell if a psychic is real or fake by how quickly they offer "extra services". Charging for chat is one thing but the greedy ones who charge £££ for clearings etc are just fake. Georgia offered her "extras" in the first msg so I know to stay away!!

- Rashdah

10-May-2019 @ 10:04:07

Not a psychic..guessing game. she pointed out something which i genuinely know is not of them is married and we have no contact since last 9 years. thanks for spreading fake hope.

- Trisha

09-May-2019 @ 15:43:49

Real deal.

- Dana

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