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I specialize in love and relationships

I am a sixth generation psychic I have over seven years of experience I want to use my gift to guide others on the right path through life I am a very gifted psychic I am not here to sugarcoat any of my readings I am here to tell you nothing but the truth is I will be happy to speak to you very soon.


Emily 's Testimonials

01-Jul-2019 @ 00:25:58

Thanks but you didn’t answer any of my questions.... can you answer them please? Thanks

- Just me

28-Jun-2019 @ 08:51:07

She said something that hit me. She told me not to listen to the negative things someone was saying BC he doesn't feel that way towards me. She said other details or answered things I hadn't specifically asked. Some ppl on here you need to be careful of and aware that they are bad ppl everywhere, but it doesn't mean there aren't some like Emily who seem truly genuine. Shes got a good gift and I hope she is right about my future will post an update. Thanks Emily

- TR

18-Jun-2019 @ 04:52:57

Been waiting for 6 hours for a response! Can you please respond Emily??

- Melissa

14-Jun-2019 @ 12:45:50

Emily said I will see changes within the week with my ex and I still haven’t seen any changes. Now she’s telling me next month or the end of this month. I’m hoping she is right..

- Melissa

13-Jun-2019 @ 21:10:41

Haha what? I don't understand

- Gretta

10-Jun-2019 @ 10:31:22

Please contact me your answer doesn’t answer any of my questions thank you ❤️

- Amy

09-Jun-2019 @ 11:52:22

Thanks .. great

- Princy

09-Jun-2019 @ 11:52:09

Thanks . Long detailed and accurate predictions.. hope it will be true soon

- Princy

08-Jun-2019 @ 04:54:24

Lol your clarification had that she doesn’t want to be with me again... it was a fun experience though take care

- Frank

08-Jun-2019 @ 04:37:22

Good first message

- Frank

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