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Amanda Benedetta

Amanda Benedetta

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Love specialist 20 year of experience.

I am an honest accurate clairvoyant spiritualist . I specialize in love and relationships I am able to tune into whoever you would like to know about with just name and date of birth given.I do not sugarcoat my readings! I will tell you how it is good or bad. I also will tell you about job, family, home and friends whatever questions your heart may have I will answer honestly. If you’re not ready to hear the truth then please I am not that psychic or you. I have been helping others all around the world for over 20 years now and I will help you too! With my readings you will see how strongly I am able to connect with you and others instantly, my gifts are very strong And I take pride in my spiritual ability. I am knownI am known to be The #1 psychic in Canada. I will be able to not only tune into your reading but also guide you and put you on the right path through my advise. All readings are very in-depth and detailed. Contact me now For a uplifting Exp


Amanda Benedetta's Testimonials

21-Mar-2019 @ 16:28:51

I’m sorry but your message didn’t make sense, can you please type it out instead of talk text? Thank you

- Just me

21-Mar-2019 @ 06:25:30

Well i want a government post...y cant i be a ruler if i am kn government organisation? There are powerful posts within government too that i am applying for...y u saying private?? And also by wat will i get a good job..the tymframe please?u said 'direction by august'...i want a timeframe of job please. Thankyou

- AR

20-Mar-2019 @ 22:31:56

Thank u so much! Wow, your readings are so in-depth and insightful .. amazing!! Will highly recommend Amanda!

- Susan

20-Mar-2019 @ 20:48:03

Great descriptive reading

- Tyra h

20-Mar-2019 @ 20:25:46

Ok thank you

- Theressa

20-Mar-2019 @ 19:32:34

Amazing! I will update next week if the passing comes true!!

- Ariel terrell

20-Mar-2019 @ 00:19:51

too good, seems to be super on point with the way things are unfolding! but will deff update once I know for sure. can you please reply? i noticed you were online ive been waiting for 2 days now!! need your insight!

- Shivani

19-Mar-2019 @ 22:17:54

Short msg. But very honest, straight forward. And helpful

- Theressa

19-Mar-2019 @ 15:01:12

can you please answer

- Shivani

19-Mar-2019 @ 12:36:21

Thankyou Amanda have been in deep waters lately and was confused thankyou so much for clarity.. you have read our energies accurately and also deep seeded issues he is facing..will get back to you soon will keep you updated

- Jigyasa

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