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Amanda Benedetta

Amanda Benedetta

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Love specialist 20 year of experience.

I am an honest accurate clairvoyant spiritualist . I specialize in love and relationships I am able to tune into whoever you would like to know about with just name and date of birth given.I do not sugarcoat my readings! I will tell you how it is good or bad. I also will tell you about job, family, home and friends whatever questions your heart may have I will answer honestly. If you’re not ready to hear the truth then please I am not that psychic or you. I have been helping others all around the world for over 20 years now and I will help you too! With my readings you will see how strongly I am able to connect with you and others instantly, my gifts are very strong And I take pride in my spiritual ability. I am knownI am known to be The #1 psychic in Canada. I will be able to not only tune into your reading but also guide you and put you on the right path through my advise. All readings are very in-depth and detailed. Contact me now For a uplifting Exp


Amanda Benedetta's Testimonials

18-Jun-2019 @ 18:57:53

I can’t wait for you to answer my question please :))

- Kaci

03-Jun-2019 @ 20:21:40

Thanking you Amanda I definitely resonate with everything you said, you have my situation spot on xx

- Theresa

23-Apr-2019 @ 15:20:29

Awesome and very good descriptive answers not one sentences ❤️

- Amy

20-Apr-2019 @ 01:49:39

Please answer :)

- Gill

14-Apr-2019 @ 16:33:11

Unaccurate and complete bullshit reading I gave her 3 names to tell me who m meant 2 b with & of course she picked the 1st one who is already a married man and we have no contact since 9yrs..n z person I truly have a gr8 connection she didn't even mention.. Was purely guessing and wanted me to take services to remove negativity..

- Trisha

06-Apr-2019 @ 22:39:43

This started off as a good reading but it got very confusing I wish they would read it through before pressing send , I’m still not sure exactly what you were saying Amanda I appreciate the length of the message but if it’s not clear it means nothing . I feel that your good from your testimonials but I felt disappointed with my reading I’m giving 4 *s because I think if you had read through you would of corrected it .

- Dannett

01-Apr-2019 @ 19:23:28

can you please be a bit more detailed? you only answered one of my questions. im sorry i just feel like i need to know more

- Shivani

29-Mar-2019 @ 18:19:38

Thanks for clarifying x

- Laura

29-Mar-2019 @ 16:04:58

Sorry what did you mean by “he is the king of you so much?”

- Laura

26-Mar-2019 @ 14:51:32

Could you please clarify your recent reading with me? There were so many sentences that I didn’t understand and am confused. Thank you.

- Morgan

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