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Indigo Psychic Spiritualist over 20 years Exp

I'm a Psychic & Spiritualist I have over 10 years of experience in Demonology & Energy Readings Tarot Cards, Crystal Readings, Palm Readings. I'm very accurate in my readings. I was born very in-tune with my spirit and ability since at a very young age I can sense emotions of people in my surroundings or spirits in my surrounding this is a phenomenon called indigo many people are born with this trait and don't really know it, I'm just happy. I understood my ability at a young age and put it to proper use. I meditate at least 3-6 hrs daily this is training for one half the other half is to help my clients further. I also fast during this time to become more spiritually aware to help those who need my assistance I'm constantly trying to hone my abilities more and more daily.


Derrek's Testimonials

14-May-2019 @ 16:14:15

sometimes his timings can be a bit off but usually spot on abt what ends up happening. my go to now, only one on this app that hasnt lied

- Shivani

01-May-2019 @ 19:25:15

Used Derrek quite a few times and always long answers. Seems accurate so far! Really friendly and approachable and always give timeframes.would defo recommend.

- Rebecca

27-Apr-2019 @ 14:10:13

Career reading did not pass

- AR

23-Apr-2019 @ 14:24:59


- Shivani

18-Apr-2019 @ 22:29:55

please answer

- Shivani

17-Apr-2019 @ 02:16:32

Derek face me great hope but I reached out to the POI and it didn’t go as he said it would.

- Lauren

05-Apr-2019 @ 02:44:04

Okay, the information last message I received is very I’m not sure. Also, I find the messages hard to understand. Thank you anyway:)

- Gill

04-Apr-2019 @ 15:42:21

Appreciate the detail but very confused by the wording of the message.. are you saying that I should reach out to him so that it could work in my favor? I mean I have tried doing that a few times but I think I was ignored? Please clarify

- Alexa

02-Apr-2019 @ 17:51:01

i think accurate please answer!

- Shivani

01-Apr-2019 @ 05:02:37

Thank you for such a detailed reading. I feel like you connected well to my situation and gave me hope.

- L

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