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Indigo Psychic Spiritualist over 20 years Exp

I'm a Psychic & Spiritualist I have over 10 years of experience in Demonology & Energy Readings Tarot Cards, Crystal Readings, Palm Readings. I'm very accurate in my readings. I was born very in-tune with my spirit and ability since at a very young age I can sense emotions of people in my surroundings or spirits in my surrounding this is a phenomenon called indigo many people are born with this trait and don't really know it, I'm just happy. I understood my ability at a young age and put it to proper use. I meditate at least 3-6 hrs daily this is training for one half the other half is to help my clients further. I also fast during this time to become more spiritually aware to help those who need my assistance I'm constantly trying to hone my abilities more and more daily.


Derrek's Testimonials

21-Mar-2019 @ 17:21:44

Very good, all came true

- Just me

21-Mar-2019 @ 13:09:21

Only person who was accurate and honest

- Iya

21-Mar-2019 @ 09:54:44

Timing was off, other than that is reading was true

- Just me

18-Mar-2019 @ 01:34:32

Loved his reading in many ways. He doesn't sugar coat. He is very long and detailed. He takes time to answer your question. I recommend him. He matches up to the other pyschic I use on here. Just great and he is nice

- Ariel terrell

13-Mar-2019 @ 13:33:07

The reading was not specific do you mean us not talking is not long term or the relationship it self. Please be more specific and clear

- Ndella

12-Mar-2019 @ 01:30:52

So helpful...very in tune with my gut

- Gill

11-Mar-2019 @ 23:38:54

Very good!!

- Elizabeth Rose

11-Mar-2019 @ 18:45:57

Very detailed. Only time will tell if it was an accurate prediction but I like how he went into detail.

- Sasha

11-Mar-2019 @ 03:47:17

Message was so confusing didn’t make sense wasted credits smh

- Unknown Soul

11-Mar-2019 @ 02:00:59

Very detailed and matches with another reading i had quite awhile ago, very kind and gives a tineframe

- Shannon

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