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Love & Relationship, Soul-Connections, Career

Allow me to guide you, to make you go through the situation, give me a chance to show you the best possibility among all the options that you are having at hand, I sure can guide you the proper way, to follow it through that is your own responsibility. I won't ornament the pathway, I'll be showing you everything the way it is rather than me to make you suffer everything in the long run. It's better, to be honest, today rather than to get hurt later. While coming for a reading with me, I want you to relax, you should be aware of what you want to ask and try to be calm because if you will be letting your anxiety/stress to topple everything else, then the energies will be all over the place, that is something problematic and disturbs the level of accuracy. My reading style is compassionate, I'll be giving you the answers that you seek, I'll be telling you what I see regardless of the fact whether it is good or bad for you because that is what you need to accept.


Moiz's Testimonials

11-Oct-2019 @ 20:55:45

Can you please give me an update

- Nat

10-Oct-2019 @ 11:04:57

Can you answer my questions pretty please

- Just me

09-Oct-2019 @ 21:53:58

Yep he is good

- Just me

08-Oct-2019 @ 07:00:40

I just love him and his readings are amazing. He as help when i feel lost!!!!!!!!

- Nyandeng

03-Oct-2019 @ 12:24:37

Thank you. I needed that.

- Ziva

27-Sep-2019 @ 18:44:11

Great reading and on point. Can you tell me what his feelings are for me?

- Nat

16-Sep-2019 @ 00:00:58

Thank you:)

- Gill

15-Sep-2019 @ 12:09:53

One of the best advisor here. Quite high the price for me, but he delivers the insight with warm heart. Even I can feel the warm and honesty in this advisor messages. Plus, he delivers in a very understandable way (comprehension, grammar and even punctuation is good), easy for me to understand, in addition, good manner comes from this advisor. I thank you for the reminder to take everything slow, so I guess now I should focus more on myself (studies, work, visit families, and others) first. This advisor deserve full stars. Keep up the good work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Ann

05-Sep-2019 @ 16:38:26

Will she eventually agree to me taking all the money from the booths once she realises I’m not falling for her crap any longer?

- Just me

31-Aug-2019 @ 18:08:10

So I guess that means he is cheating

- Brittany

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