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I Give Names, Dates, and Exact Details

Accurate to the point and detailed, intuitive reading for your love life, career and general direction. Does he love you? Will you get back together? Where is your career headed? Get all of your questions answered now!


Angela's Testimonials

08-May-2019 @ 21:48:12

Your reading made me cry, thank you so much I hope you’re right xx

- Laura

19-Apr-2019 @ 18:25:09


- Princy

28-Feb-2019 @ 02:16:35

Prediction didn’t pass but lengthy text

- Unknown Soul

20-Feb-2019 @ 01:08:03

She is good! Picks up something that I didn’t mentioned to her. Her reply is fast and detailed too!

- Susan

19-Feb-2019 @ 03:43:35

Very good, detailed and long message. Thank you, Angela! I highly recommend.

- Valerie

14-Feb-2019 @ 03:06:39

Hi. Can you please refund me my credit? You just waisted it asking me my name and DOB and it’s in my profile on here...

- Elizabeth Rose

15-Jan-2019 @ 16:34:55

was right, I hope prediction comes true.... Also could you answer the rest of my question??? please

- Happiness

15-Jan-2019 @ 12:42:14

thank you but took long to reply

- T

15-Jan-2019 @ 06:13:39

Ty please complete your message.

- Iya

15-Jan-2019 @ 03:03:23

gave a lot of details and picked up on a lot of different things :) very quick reply!

- Rikki

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