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Clairvoyant psychic advisor and Love Specialist

With just your name and date of birth I can give you full details on any aspect of life! And reading with me will tell you about yourself, things going on around you as an individual, people in your surroundings, through career, finances, travel, health for yourself, health for family, through love, marriage, and relationships, past, present, and future. I'm an experienced clairvoyant connecting spiritually with a person was something that came to me naturally. I started reading at the age of nine years old and I discovered my abilities at the age of seven years old and started my training right away to tune into the visions I was having and understand what they meant exactly. I have over twelve years of experience with helping, guiding, balancing, and coaching. I've also studied palmistry and the ancient of art of tarot card readings I'm also very straightforward i say it how i see it, i give my clients direction, thank you for viewing my page I hope to hear from you soon!


Michele's Testimonials

14-Sep-2019 @ 14:12:14

Hi can you please give me the reading you promised?he refused to even talk to me on the phone so it doesnt feel like things should get better anytime soon as you said :( i said id like to meet when he’s ready, no reply. He isnt stressed about anything atm. Thanks

- Xx

13-Sep-2019 @ 15:49:03

She is someone I really trust. I hope she stays for a while as I really like her and she picked up on a lot without my mentioning much. My go to person!

- Morgan

13-Sep-2019 @ 06:46:16

she is absolutely spot on about my readings i didn’t tell her every detail and i can’t wait to see if it happen

- Samantha

13-Sep-2019 @ 00:56:17

I love talking to her. She helps ease my mind when I’m a nervous wreck and overthinking. I trust her since her first prediction came to pass. Patiently waiting for the next prediction to come to pass. Give her a chance as you will be amazed! ❤️

- Morgan

12-Sep-2019 @ 23:57:24

Lol said things would get better in 2 months. In 3 months Im leaving the country because I can't afford staying here. Didn't predict anything specific. Waste of money

- Gretta

12-Sep-2019 @ 23:46:33

We just chatted and I adore you but my question was not answered and yes I have

- Amy

12-Sep-2019 @ 20:05:39

Amazing soooooo accurate thank you

- T

12-Sep-2019 @ 14:19:11

I’m in utter shock with her reading. She said some things that I didn’t even tell her. You gave me so much hope Michele! I’m so grateful for you! I really hope your predictions pass as you assured me they will! I will be waiting and I’ll be back for updates. Thank you thank you thank you!

- Melissa

12-Sep-2019 @ 12:43:19

She is very good. A prediction came to pass and looking forward to future predictions to unfold. Highly recommend!

- Morgan

11-Sep-2019 @ 03:29:20

The first part was accurate but not so much the rest. I never had any intention of pushing him away as I want to bring him closer because he is who I want to be with. We're currently friends and we're fine with that. He hasn't said no and the door is open as there is potential but he is not ready, and I respect that. Overall, I do think she meant well. She is kind and caring with her reply. I cannot complain when it comes to her sincere kindness.

- Shannon

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