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Straightforward Answers. No Sugarcoating.

I give DETAILS I try my best to give time frames I know what he or she is thinking feeling and doing at the moment I work in all aspects of life. Love life career financial and more. I have all the answers to your questions.  I am not judgmental so don’t hold back every reading with me is private and confidential. I give guidance clarity and insight . Confirm every reading with my tarot cards. 


Jewel's Testimonials

04-Oct-2019 @ 05:19:17

Thanks for the honesty u definitely was on point

- Jcham

02-Oct-2019 @ 13:34:43

She said the same thing over and over didn’t answer any of my question

- Ro

28-Sep-2019 @ 04:17:59

Nooo details at all just positive and negative saying nothing else

- Curtis

22-Sep-2019 @ 22:03:37

Disappointed. She told me that it’s not over and that there’s still some love connection just to turn back around and tell me she loves a certain person. I asked her another question and she ignored it while she was clearly online so I just took my credit back. She’s sweet and all but not clear.

- Viixxxen

15-Sep-2019 @ 04:59:49

Thank you

- Dolores Arredondo Ramos

15-Sep-2019 @ 00:22:20

I would like some credit back. I really wanna give her another try because i feel her energy is really pure and her readings are honest, just needs to give more details on the readings!!!

- Nyandeng

15-Sep-2019 @ 00:03:24

I’m sorry but she doesn’t really give details nor answers any questions she’s ask. And if she does answer a question is lil to nothing!!!!!! Highly disappointed. Specially when i spend money to try get some help to things I’m confused about in my life. Do better love.

- Nyandeng

04-Sep-2019 @ 21:51:59

Can you please be clear with your message will he come back or not ? Respond please everything you are saying is unclear it don’t make sense

- Ndella

11-Aug-2019 @ 21:55:52

She was spot on

- Jazmin B.

14-Jun-2019 @ 12:42:25

Jewel said she’s offered me services before to clear energy when she never did and I’m definitely not interested was just looking to get some insight on my POI. Not accurate, sorry Jewel..

- Melissa

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