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Straightforward Answers. No Sugarcoating.

I give DETAILS I try my best to give time frames I know what he or she is thinking feeling and doing at the moment I work in all aspects of life. Love life career financial and more. I have all the answers to your questions.  I am not judgmental so don’t hold back every reading with me is private and confidential. I give guidance clarity and insight . Confirm every reading with my tarot cards. 


Jewel's Testimonials

12-Dec-2018 @ 19:55:35

i had spirtual work done before and no i dont need my ex removed he just in up bumping into my ex they didnt exchange numbers or nothing he not even in his life as a friend or anything it seem like everyone looking to to spirtual work when u getting readings now days wow thanks for the reading

- Renee

11-Dec-2018 @ 13:59:02

Thank you

- Yousuf

11-Dec-2018 @ 11:39:38

I am waiting for your reply.

- Yousuf

10-Dec-2018 @ 15:12:18

Thank u!! Im gonna stay positive and keep u updated

- Shannon

09-Dec-2018 @ 10:13:00

Jewel, you only answered one part of my question. Your response does not seem complete too, you ended by saying he will have an update too..please read into my question on Matthew. I will change my rating. Thank you 4 your time.

- Nanthini

08-Dec-2018 @ 17:57:03

Jewel....i waited for your answer for whole day...aftr ur reply too i waited to see if tthat was it or der was smthin more....such a short reply? ???seriously??ur ratings say u r great here but seriously????wat u wrote had no insights no details no tym frame nothing....really disappointed...plz provide details if possible i will update my ratings...very disappointed.

- AR

08-Dec-2018 @ 06:54:39

You dont see when? i just want a timeframe

- Yana

08-Dec-2018 @ 00:08:29

should i continue to wait for him? could you answer my question plz?

- Dreams

07-Dec-2018 @ 21:36:39

Very sweet person truly.

- Youvonne

07-Dec-2018 @ 08:36:30


- Youvonne

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