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Straightforward Answers. No Sugarcoating.

I give DETAILS I try my best to give time frames I know what he or she is thinking feeling and doing at the moment I work in all aspects of life. Love life career financial and more. I have all the answers to your questions.  I am not judgmental so don’t hold back every reading with me is private and confidential. I give guidance clarity and insight . Confirm every reading with my tarot cards. 


Jewel's Testimonials

22-Mar-2019 @ 14:35:51

Didn’t answer my question gave partial advice. Waste of credit not a reading at all.

- Carmen

22-Mar-2019 @ 10:57:28

Nothing came towards new year. Reading was very off.No progress in relationship. Please be honest if you see nothing goin to happen instead of getting my hopes up for nothing

- AR

18-Mar-2019 @ 03:25:24

Kind of a short response for waiting a day. I don’t know what you mean when you say you kind of roughly looked into it? If your prediction comes true that would be amazing I do hope you are right and will update

- Katherine

08-Feb-2019 @ 19:03:58

Thank you Jewel

- Terri daniel

06-Feb-2019 @ 00:22:18

Didn’t really answer my questions, just more or less repeated what I told her :(

- Lindsay

27-Jan-2019 @ 18:30:39

Thank You!

- Yalitza

23-Jan-2019 @ 18:41:36

i'm really sorry i dont understand your last message? she doesnt know my ex manager; my ex does tho. also you didnt answer my question on timeframes for when they will end and he will come back?

- Laura

23-Jan-2019 @ 16:56:52

Thank you for always getting back to me and giving me clarity. You're amazing!

- Anna Afele

22-Jan-2019 @ 23:06:48

thanks jewel - are you picking up on any timeframes?

- Laura

07-Jan-2019 @ 21:28:50

Thank you.

- User user

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