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Straightforward Answers. No Sugarcoating.

I give DETAILS I try my best to give time frames I know what he or she is thinking feeling and doing at the moment I work in all aspects of life. Love life career financial and more. I have all the answers to your questions.  I am not judgmental so don’t hold back every reading with me is private and confidential. I give guidance clarity and insight . Confirm every reading with my tarot cards. 


Jewel's Testimonials

11-Aug-2019 @ 21:55:52

She was spot on

- Jazmin B.

14-Jun-2019 @ 12:42:25

Jewel said she’s offered me services before to clear energy when she never did and I’m definitely not interested was just looking to get some insight on my POI. Not accurate, sorry Jewel..

- Melissa

03-Jun-2019 @ 17:57:09

Cool thank you so much . I feel very relieved and closer to nick but I will take it slow if want it to work with him.

- lynn Gillett

03-Jun-2019 @ 00:53:51

Me holding out the is the right move? You didn't exactly answer my question.

- Alexa

21-May-2019 @ 12:43:30

Didn't even respond to all what My message just the ending . Even i could have told myself what u typed smh waste of money .

- Dixie

11-May-2019 @ 03:35:28

I think she is a wonderful psychic. She knew who was right for me in love right off the bat. I didn’t have to explain my situation. She was kind in explaining and gave me insight and hope for my situation :) Thank you Jewel!

- Cristina

04-May-2019 @ 05:02:01

One good detailed reading....

- Frank

04-May-2019 @ 04:54:02

good at first. After a few readings price increased, and she started to just state the obvious. Then offered additional mediation work w/my crush.. hmm

- Frank

24-Apr-2019 @ 06:26:00

Thank you! Are you able to answer my last question about when?

- L

22-Mar-2019 @ 14:35:51

Didn’t answer my question gave partial advice. Waste of credit not a reading at all.

- Carmen

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