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God gifted psychic, love & relationship specialist.

NO SUGAR COATING & NON-JUDGEMENTAL!! Honest psychic advice and answers to all of your questions.

Hello, and thank you for choosing me as your advisor! My name is Shannon and I am a 5th generation clairvoyant/clairaudient psychic. I have been doing psychic reading professionally for a little over 10 years. I believe I have this gift for a reason. And that reason is to help people better their lives. I will be 100% honest with my clients. I do not sugarcoat anything. I will not judge my clients in any manner. I am straight-forward, compassionate, caring, and I speak to my clients as if speaking with someone close to me. I specialize in Love and Relationships, but I also work in other areas such as; Business, Finance, Spiritual Healing, Life Coaching, and more. I can guarantee peace of mind and clarity in just one session. Whatever the issue may be, big or small, I am here to help.


Shannon's Testimonials

20-Apr-2019 @ 22:53:05

Hope to hear from you soon with an update x

- Laura

19-Apr-2019 @ 06:57:05

Thank you so much for your feedback and support Shannon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed results are seen next week. You’ve kept me updated, never mislead or judged, you’ve never got annoyed when I’ve asked the same question 7 times. We’ve been speaking everyday and you’ve always come back in a timely matter. Thank you for being there and for your help. Would highly recommend Shannon, she’s kind, she’s patient and if she believes two people are destined to be together she will do everything she can to try and make it work. She doesn’t judge you either. Will keep using Shannon, one of the best on here x

- Laura

14-Apr-2019 @ 21:50:55

I did get not one questions answer ! the answer I got don’t make no since ! Waste of my money !

- Trotter

14-Apr-2019 @ 18:04:30

Ok I’m waiting for your results

- Trotter

13-Apr-2019 @ 20:08:12

I’m so thankful for all your help Shannon and constant reassurance, must ask the same questions everyday but you never get mad or annoyed you answer my questions and are consistent. I’m really hoping it all comes to pass

- Laura

13-Apr-2019 @ 09:08:02

I m waiting for your reading since yesterday... i have not got it yet. You have come online already for couple of times.

- AR

12-Apr-2019 @ 12:19:05

Shannon, you said that you will do a reading for me on Andrew with candle and come back to me on it after an hour but you never did. Very disappointed and feel cheated as you never gave me a reading after I spent money on two messages.

- Nanthini

10-Apr-2019 @ 04:16:24

Doing a service for me & has been keeping me updated throughout & answered all my questions despite how anxious I have been. She’s been patient & understanding. Really recommend Shannon, thank you for everything, I’m very grateful ❤️

- Laura

10-Apr-2019 @ 04:15:08

Have been speaking to Shannon since last year. Her replies are always quick, detailed and answers everything I ask. Her prediction came to pass a couple of weeks ago, just as she said. I trust Shannon 100%, I feel she takes the time to look into the situation for her customers and gives honest readings. She’s also very helpful and keen to make things right for you, she’s currently do

- Laura

09-Apr-2019 @ 23:44:36

Very quick to reply! I’m hoping you get more clear information through candlelight.

- Kelli

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