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God gifted psychic, love & relationship specialist.

NO SUGAR COATING & NON-JUDGEMENTAL!! Honest psychic advice and answers to all of your questions.

Hello, and thank you for choosing me as your advisor! My name is Shannon and I am a 5th generation clairvoyant/clairaudient psychic. I have been doing psychic reading professionally for a little over 10 years. I believe I have this gift for a reason. And that reason is to help people better their lives. I will be 100% honest with my clients. I do not sugarcoat anything. I will not judge my clients in any manner. I am straight-forward, compassionate, caring, and I speak to my clients as if speaking with someone close to me. I specialize in Love and Relationships, but I also work in other areas such as; Business, Finance, Spiritual Healing, Life Coaching, and more. I can guarantee peace of mind and clarity in just one session. Whatever the issue may be, big or small, I am here to help.


Shannon's Testimonials

07-Dec-2018 @ 21:29:29

Shannon is the best on this app

- Renee

07-Dec-2018 @ 20:43:03

Thank u so much shannon for the honest reading im glad she answered all my questions she is a fantasic reader i love going to her for readings

- Renee

05-Dec-2018 @ 06:47:41

thank u for the reassurance

- Laura

04-Dec-2018 @ 19:14:50

the first reading sounded accurate to some extent; however i sent a message twice afterwards & both times you went offline before answering :( the first time I had to delete the txt as I was waiting for more than a day for your reply :(

- Xx

02-Dec-2018 @ 00:05:37

Thank you Sharron its good to know how im feeling is real ill update when i hear from him :)

- Yana

30-Nov-2018 @ 18:42:15

She is the best reader on this app i really like going to her for readings she speaks the honest truth she my to go to person now

- Renee

28-Nov-2018 @ 07:06:12

Long and detailed thank you looking forward to it now

- Lovee

27-Nov-2018 @ 12:27:50

good reading, I will be back to tell you if it came true

- Just me

25-Nov-2018 @ 22:32:18

thank you for your messages.. but you only replied to my second message but not to the first one which i payed as well for.. please answer it.. i appreciate it.. thank u again

- Romana

25-Nov-2018 @ 22:18:46

thank you

- T

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