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God gifted psychic, love & relationship specialist.

NO SUGAR COATING & NON-JUDGEMENTAL!! Honest psychic advice and answers to all of your questions.

Hello, and thank you for choosing me as your advisor! My name is Shannon and I am a 5th generation clairvoyant/clairaudient psychic. I have been doing psychic reading professionally for a little over 10 years. I believe I have this gift for a reason. And that reason is to help people better their lives. I will be 100% honest with my clients. I do not sugarcoat anything. I will not judge my clients in any manner. I am straight-forward, compassionate, caring, and I speak to my clients as if speaking with someone close to me. I specialize in Love and Relationships, but I also work in other areas such as; Business, Finance, Spiritual Healing, Life Coaching, and more. I can guarantee peace of mind and clarity in just one session. Whatever the issue may be, big or small, I am here to help.


Shannon's Testimonials

10-Oct-2019 @ 15:18:08

Nails. Awesome thank you

- Gia

01-Oct-2019 @ 16:23:43

Can you answer the questions asked please will we be in a relationship again? What’s going on between me and him. Thank you

- Naaah

11-Sep-2019 @ 17:46:51

Thank you ever so much for your kind words and advice. I am thoroughly looking forward to my spiritual guidance with you, it was great to find out that he is my soulmateand that we will have a future together. I would reccomend your service to any person who asks as our conversation was extremely insightful and i am excited for the outcome!! To be honest i never thought i would understand the process but after our brief conversation now believe in everything you have said to me and now know that after your fantastic guidance (with more to come) that my destiny will change for the better and i will be with my soulmate. Thank you ever so much for your positive comments and really looking forward to achieving thus future gial with your fabulous expertise x

- Alison

30-Aug-2019 @ 19:52:36

Thank you for recognizing when someone is suffering and your willingness to share your gift and help them

- Terri daniel

30-Aug-2019 @ 19:51:45

Thank you for your prompt response and willingness to help.

- Terri daniel

30-Aug-2019 @ 19:51:13

Thank you Shannon for your generous compassion and kindness

- Terri daniel

29-Aug-2019 @ 03:01:48

Spot on :)

- Shannon

16-Aug-2019 @ 21:49:14

? What do U mean I’m completely confused?

- Jenna carnie

06-Aug-2019 @ 17:43:16

What she said is exactly what I have seen in my dreams. I know it is going to happen as she mentioned. I need a confirmation and she reconfirmed it with her reading. Thank you.

- Seisun

05-Aug-2019 @ 19:47:39

You don’t answer my question at first and I had to buy more credit just to get my question answered your wasting my money.

- Ndella

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