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Hello and a warm welcome to you, my name is Charity and I am a very experienced psychic and clairvoyant medium. I have been giving readings for over 20 years now with many happy clients, guiding them to the truth and helping them see the best path for their future. I do not sugarcoat with what I see and give accurate clear insight into your situation or the person you may need some clarity with. As an empath I can look into how another is feeling and why they maybe acting the way they are helping you to discover which way a love situation may progress. Within my work as a psychic I will give you details and the tools you need to make the best decision for you in moving forward with your life. 

Don't sit there in confusion contact me today for a reading and get the answers you need for a better tomorrow. 




Charity's Testimonials

03-Dec-2018 @ 20:03:10

I love her readings. She is realistic and accurate.

- Nanthini

24-Nov-2018 @ 13:59:07

I feel she's honest...but not one reading has been positive. There is always something negative.

- Gill

18-Nov-2018 @ 14:49:50


- Lauren W

18-Nov-2018 @ 13:04:15

thank you

- T

14-Nov-2018 @ 23:15:10

Spot on

- Lauren W

09-Nov-2018 @ 19:30:20

Extremely gifted and soo spot on!

- S

09-Nov-2018 @ 19:29:46

You know what? YOU are intelligent!

- S

05-Nov-2018 @ 23:06:24

She is "WOW"

- S

05-Nov-2018 @ 22:16:18

not enough details for the money spent

- Jen

04-Nov-2018 @ 21:22:05

I feel as though I have a good connection with Charity. She was able to pick up on a lot of things in my complicated life. She is someone I plan on continuing to use! Definitley on my favorites list!

- Dana

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