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Twin-flame, Soulmate Specialist!

I specialize in problems and issues of the heart, relationships, family matters, Twin flames, soulmates, Karmic relationships, career and money.I am 4th generation natural born psychic, empath and healer, my gift comes from my maternal side.I like to help people to find their spiritual purposes where their body and soul function in harmony. My angels and guides have been with me since childhood guiding me to know my gift in order to help others. I have done more than 4.000 readings on person and online. Very accurate and honest. Integrity is the most important aspect of my life, I do not give false hopes or false expectations. I have a Reiki Master I, II Certification, Natural healer and also Pet Healer. I am currently studying Life Coaching.


Hipa's Testimonials

18-Oct-2018 @ 20:46:47

Detailed reading and I feel Hipa connected well with me. Thank you Hipa!

- Alice

01-Sep-2018 @ 14:25:17

Thank you

- Iya

29-Aug-2018 @ 07:29:04

I hope we connected as I have a very strong gift myself, I loved how your response was long and you made sure to go into detail. I am hoping what you feel comes true.

- Erin Curry

26-Aug-2018 @ 01:15:44

Good insights! :)

- Eleanor

26-Aug-2018 @ 01:12:11

Hello! I enjoyed your reading and hearing from you. Great Insights! :)

- Eleanor

24-Aug-2018 @ 01:26:17

unbrlievable connection/ spelt out my personality and down falls and everything thats happening around me. realistic reading for those who accepts reality well

- M

19-Aug-2018 @ 16:09:29

not really connected and didn't make sense..sorry

- Trisha

19-Aug-2018 @ 10:12:13

i am glad you did not sugacoat your readings, but what you said about my feelings and his feelings are not accurate. my ex; Chris and I are friends now. he hurt me badly and i have no hope of us returning as a couple. how did you not see that? the things you said about my twinflame? i don't think they are accurate now. if you see my review then please fix your reading if it was a typo. your prediction about me and my ex was way off. I DID NOT HURT MY EX.

- Michele

19-Aug-2018 @ 09:50:33

she picked up things correctly about me and my future twinflame, however; she did not pick up the right things about me and my ex. she made it sound like i hurt him when i didn't do anything wrong at all. my ex and I dated for like a week, went on 2 dates, then he took my virginity & left me for someone else, he was mean to me, but now he only sees me as a friend & he is being nicer to me now. i wonder why she did not see this. she was telling me he was trying to move on. not accurate at all, I'm sorry, but you are not the right psychic for me.

- Michele

18-Aug-2018 @ 16:31:06

once again, thank u so much! your readings are clear and insightful. Most importantly, u provides honesty without sugarcoating! I will be back to consult u again!

- Susan

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