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Expert Tarot Card Reader! Accurate Love Reading!

My services are very different from others. My way of reading has shocked many because my accuracy level is extremely high! Because I am so young, people often doubt me, but I continue to prove myself time and time again. The tarot cards are my forte, not only did I feel connected to them as a child, but I have been able to study them for several years. Not only do I read the meaning of the cards, but the cards speak to me. I also possess three of the major intuitive abilities: Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairvoyance is an inner seeing. Clairaudience (clear hearing) Claircognizance (clear knowing) The three combined allows me to pick up on almost anything, such as: love, finance, career, health and much more! Allowing me to Guide you in the right direction, and help You reach your highest potential.


Celeste's Testimonials

09-Nov-2018 @ 20:50:23

Nope says you're offline x

- Reema

04-Nov-2018 @ 11:05:23

Ran out of credit! Thank you x

- Reema

04-Nov-2018 @ 02:25:10


- Elizabeth Rose

28-Oct-2018 @ 14:42:11

Almost 3 months later and not a word...I guess readings were off...wish they would just be honest!

- Leslie

23-Oct-2018 @ 01:25:58

Okay, no real insight. Just services being offered

- Gill

21-Oct-2018 @ 04:12:28

Hi I haven't got the money to send you enough message but you didn't awser if he would come back or not like the other readers said and I can't afford the exter work will he come back without it or will he be with somone else and is it over for me now.

- Christina

21-Oct-2018 @ 01:53:49

I have to agree with the previous recent reviews. I didnt understand a previous message so i sent another message asking for clarity. Although i understood the clairty she offered services to clear the blockages and said that she can help things to move forward. It seems like shes telling everyone that. I wont be back and dont recommend.

- Valerie

15-Oct-2018 @ 00:52:07

I sent you 2 questions but you've only answered 1. Please recheck

- Rashdah

08-Oct-2018 @ 06:37:47

Waste of money. Her replies don't make sense and then asks me for $500 and to send mine and my partners phone to her. Avoid!

- Michelle

08-Oct-2018 @ 06:32:30

I kind of feel because I can't afford the negative work, that the readings have changed. a few months back and up to last week I was getting detailed readings and updates & now because I can't afford the negative work that this advisor would like to do, I feel that she's just changed my reading completely to try and change my reading. This reader was so good to start off with; but i feel bullied into paying for her service otherwise everything she said would happen wont happen? such a shame. i feel ive wasted £3.99 & i wont be using this advisor again. sorry.

- Laura

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