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Expert Tarot Card Reader! Accurate Love Reading!

My services are very different from others. My way of reading has shocked many because my accuracy level is extremely high! Because I am so young, people often doubt me, but I continue to prove myself time and time again. The tarot cards are my forte, not only did I feel connected to them as a child, but I have been able to study them for several years. Not only do I read the meaning of the cards, but the cards speak to me. I also possess three of the major intuitive abilities: Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairvoyance is an inner seeing. Clairaudience (clear hearing) Claircognizance (clear knowing) The three combined allows me to pick up on almost anything, such as: love, finance, career, health and much more! Allowing me to Guide you in the right direction, and help You reach your highest potential.


Celeste's Testimonials

10-Aug-2019 @ 05:36:54

Thanks Celeste. I would like to work with off line ASAP . Thank you for your help. I’ll get back with you as soon as I can

- Terri daniel

04-Aug-2019 @ 06:23:47

She one of the best on here by far!!! Very accurate and helpful and helped me a lot

- Poppy

04-Aug-2019 @ 02:28:42

Compassionate accurate she has done a lot for me the last few months has gone out of her way to support me Can not recommend enough x

- Poppy

23-Jul-2019 @ 17:46:47

Thanks dude

- Dani

23-Jul-2019 @ 16:58:17

How do we do it I'm not even around him atm he sees baby once a week or two but not me pls message me xxx

- Caroline

23-Jul-2019 @ 16:54:37

How do we get rid of it ? I mean do I have to call you or what is she using magic can u message me about it please xx

- Caroline

23-Jul-2019 @ 16:04:45

Thanks so much your so accurate how will we do the healing please can u leave me know xxx thank a lot

- Caroline

22-Jul-2019 @ 16:45:23

Celeste you made me feel so comfortable not only did/do you help me but you also give me advice. Thank you so much without talking to you i wouldn’t of been able to get through my break up. Almost everything has been spot on!

- Leyla

15-Jul-2019 @ 05:41:29

Thank You!

- Yalitza

14-Jul-2019 @ 01:14:53

Just cause she was nice at first.... at first

- Frank

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