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Get Answers Now! Love, Relationship, Soulmate, Twinflame

I am a 12th generation spiritual healer from the Native American Cherokee tribe. I was born with a gift to help people in all aspects of there lives such as love, marriage, business and health. I specialize in readings such as Tarot cards, crystal readings, Palm readings, chakra balancing and much more. I have used my gifts to empower the lives of others, worldwide, for over thirty years. I have mastered other metaphysical tools including the Tarot and Astrology. These tools, along with my intuitive gifts, can unlock the answers that have eluded you regarding love, relationship, abundance or life in general.


Shena's Testimonials

05-Oct-2018 @ 21:08:55

please come online

- Taki

05-Oct-2018 @ 09:18:39

please come back online

- Laura

05-Oct-2018 @ 08:07:38

Her reading stil the best for me in this site, as well as the most in tune. Looking forward to her reading as always. Hope to see you online more often

- CE

18-Sep-2018 @ 15:56:42

She is amazing. Detailed and accurate

- Lauren W

15-Sep-2018 @ 19:07:25

Speedy respond & always very in tune wz my situation eventhou Shena not always online all the time. I always look forward to receive her reading whenever i have questions. Will continue to come back for readings as and when Shena's online

- CE

13-Sep-2018 @ 07:26:19

very talented & accurate

- Elizabeth Rose

11-Sep-2018 @ 05:56:15

Please come online soon Xo

- Alira

27-Aug-2018 @ 03:40:35

Please come online Shena, I really need your help x

- Sapphire

23-Aug-2018 @ 20:22:06

shena , can you please answer my last two questions that you didnt answer before when u send me a reply... i would appreciate so much...u said you would get back to me with more information but u never did

- Romana

22-Aug-2018 @ 05:38:36

Thank you Shena! Very long detailed reply, it completely makes sense and I feel a lot more reassured, I can sort of seeing everything you said already unfolding! Will come back with an update soon, thank you ❤️

- Sapphire

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