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Detailed Accurate Insight Into Your Situation. Accurate Time frames Given.

I'm able to tell you about your past, present, and future. With your name and date of birth/sign, I am able to pick up on your energy. I advise you to keep an open mind while I am reading for you. I am able to help you through all aspects of your life. I am a nonjudgmental psychic will pick up time frames. Feel free to ask me anything. I will help you gain clarity in all matters such as LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER, HEALTH, And MUCH MORE I am online to most trusted psychic with over five years of experience.


I was born with this gift and have professionally been helping people for 15  years now. Types of readings I offer are as such psychic readings, palm readings, love readings, career and more. My soul purpose is to guide people. I can help you see the opportunities in your life that you cannot see. I have helped many people from all over the world and reunited many lovers. When you have a reading done by me I do not just give you, yes and no answers, I will provide you with detailed and accurate answers. I want you to gain clarity about yourself also what the future holds for you. please call/chat with me. Blessings be with you :)


Tyler's Testimonials

30-Jul-2018 @ 23:50:08

5 stars!!!! tyler is my favorite. tyler can you please answer my question that i sent to you that you didnt answer yet?

- Morgan

30-Jul-2018 @ 20:51:05

Tyler ❤

- Reema

30-Jul-2018 @ 18:02:59

Thank you. That last message didn't answer my question about the near now not months from now...or maybe it did and there's nothing positive for me soon. I appreciate the enthusiasm Tyler but unfortunately you can't see or feel my pain. Saying unspecific "opportunities" didn't help. You didn't say who the soulmate was so that tells me it's not who I asked about therefore I shouldn't wait on him anyway right? This is all my fault for asking for clarification... You've been kind but my heart's not in the reading anymore. Goodbye

- Melody

30-Jul-2018 @ 17:15:02

Thank you Tyler. 5 stars for the long detailed msg and a couple points I felt connected with. Unfortunately the dates you gave caused more pain then I know you meant. You're only giving what you see and I appreciate that. Very quick response as well. I'm not strong enough to wait and I'll work on healing myself. You felt very strong about this but patience is something I do not have. Thank you anyway for the confidence. It's time to move on now...

- Melody

27-Jul-2018 @ 01:40:21

Wonderful reading she makes alot of sense

- Tiffany

25-Jul-2018 @ 18:37:10

Very very confused now. For over a year on another app you advised me to wait for my ex. Now you're telling me something total opposite. I'll wait and see what happens instead now.

- Far

25-Jul-2018 @ 13:44:02

Very wrong

- Gill

24-Jul-2018 @ 21:37:07

The guy you said will come forward is already married to girl i mentioned and The other guy you didnt say anything about is my boyfriend.

- Tsha

23-Jul-2018 @ 03:05:42

pleas reply to my message! all your other readings i had from you were amazing!

- Andrea

22-Jul-2018 @ 13:28:44

Prediction of contact came to pass. She said a stronger bond in August/September. keeping fingers crossed

- Iya

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