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Highly Accurate Love & Relationship Mentor.

I am a love expert with over 25 years experience, I specialize in all matters of the heart my expertise is love, relationship, finances, spiritual well being and happiness. I receive my answers from the Angels and energy from the universe I can reveal to you everything you need to know and give you the guidance that you are looking for. I can answer all of your questions no matter what it may be I can help you find your way to your happiness I am looking forward to helping you. Xx


Shay's Testimonials

08-Jun-2019 @ 20:05:40

Didn't come to pass

- Alexa

07-Jun-2019 @ 21:04:10

That reading was short as crap

- Dani

06-Jun-2019 @ 02:34:35

Very warm and thorough always a delight to hear from her ❤️

- Gia

14-May-2019 @ 19:27:02

To the point and sometimes she gives time scales but bear in mind with every reader, if they are possible to give then great but these are only guidelines it’s not set in stone!! Yes her messages can be short but she tells you how it is. Plus If she doesn’t get long messages from loved ones guides etc then the message will me shorter that doesn’t mean she’s no good as reader as some have said! I’ve messaged her a few times now and I will do again!!! Plus for £4 it’s reasonable and worth it.

- Poppy

01-May-2019 @ 16:32:50

Thanks so much. If it comes true I will give 5 stars

- Brittany

13-Apr-2019 @ 20:15:42

Yeah I saw your answer...thnx :) I love your reading..

- Bilkis begum

06-Apr-2019 @ 02:07:59

I asked where can you answer me?

- Bilkis begum

02-Apr-2019 @ 17:08:02

Thank you for your reading, very compassionate

- Gia

01-Apr-2019 @ 06:02:28

Thanks so much for clarifying!!!

- L

29-Mar-2019 @ 23:51:33

hi can you please confirm your answer? you said you see him stepping up and that he really loves me but you don't see a future?

- L

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