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Highly Accurate Love & Relationship Mentor.

I am a love expert with over 25 years experience, I specialize in all matters of the heart my expertise is love, relationship, finances, spiritual well being and happiness. I receive my answers from the Angels and energy from the universe I can reveal to you everything you need to know and give you the guidance that you are looking for. I can answer all of your questions no matter what it may be I can help you find your way to your happiness I am looking forward to helping you. Xx


Shay's Testimonials

23-Aug-2019 @ 02:30:12

I'm usually a very skeptical person when it comes to psychics or readings I've had my readings done by several advisors and have heard it all... shay was the total opposite, along with her sweet heart and open arms she provides accurate and meaningful readings that will change your life. Might not be something you want to hear or something that might hurt at first but to me, that's what we all come to her or any other psychic for, and that's the accurate truth. I'm not one to pay money for sugar coating and she does not sugar coat. Everything she has said and mentioned has been 100% accurate. For all you first timers, at first it's a little scary.. it's a little odd and out of your comfort zone but shay makes you feel at home and is here for one thing and one thing only, and that is to be here for you and help with whatever problems you have struggled with. In my case love has always been something I haven't had much luck in. My readings with her have opened my mind and heart to what's really important and who and what is good for me and my future. I can't stress enough how much her reading has helped, she has a heart of gold and I recommend her and will always stand by her and her work. Thanks so much shay!

- Sara

19-Aug-2019 @ 18:30:13

This was my first reading with shay and I am very satisfied. She was honest from the start, did not sugar-coat things, and she didn't, which is good in my case. She picked up on me and my situation and people involved so accurately without me having to explain. Because she was so accurate in details I know that she is on point for what she sees in the near future. I will come back for sure! Don't pass her up! Thank you shay xoxoxo!

- Sara

17-Aug-2019 @ 23:19:33

What is that ms shay????

- Brittany

07-Aug-2019 @ 01:29:57

Ms shay has really been sweet and kind and helped me please use her I will be back

- Brittany

07-Aug-2019 @ 00:52:17

Ms shay is very helpful and gave me insight I definitely contacting her again

- Brittany

06-Aug-2019 @ 21:21:18

Thank you so much for everything . I will do my best.

- lynn Gillett

04-Aug-2019 @ 18:53:43

Can you answer will he reach out? And when?

- Gretta

10-Jul-2019 @ 21:19:49

She is very nice but she always says that someone is your soulmate

- Katvina

05-Jul-2019 @ 02:44:02

Very sweet and caring person. Highly accurate

- Jm

02-Jul-2019 @ 13:53:47

I am still waiting to see, what happens

- Estephanie

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