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Life and Relationship specialist, get real direction today.

Painful issues like love and relationship problems, and feeling lonely or any other question regarding your loved one and partner? Please contact me with an open mind so I can connect with your energy. After the reading and based on the situation, I would give you detailed advice and take you through each step to try and get the happiness back in your life.

Born Gifted Psychic Helps and Guides Through all problems of life, I’ve been rated 5Stars In the State of Texas.

Help people in the areas of love, business, money, health and happiness. and more I am very honest and straight forward if you are lost confused or just need some advise I open my heart to you don’t let time and confusion stand in your way of finding out your destiny. You are one click away from finding out all you have been wanting to know. If you have questions such as Does he/she love me? Are we connected with each other/energy? Are we meant to be? Contact me for these types of answers. I am an Honest Reader so please keep an Open Mind. I am not here to give you false hope and say things just to make you feel better. I am here to tell you exactly what I feel and see, to help guide you into the right direction. I only say what is being brought through to me, But said with a Compassionate Heart. I am here to make a difference. I’m sure that working on being truly positive and balanced in mind, body and spirit will create an inner strength which can not be shaken. I am able to Channel in and feel the energy around you along with my Spirit Guides and Tarot Cards I see and feel the situation that matters to you!. If you are Tired of False Promises and you are ready to hear the Truth Regarding, Love, Relationship, Marriage, Business Do you Question: Does my partner Love me? Is my partner being true to me? Will I ever be in a healthy relationship? Is someone from my past coming back or should I close the door and move forward? Will I get a good Job? Will I be promoted? Will I get a raise? Am I going to move? Buy a Home? Travel?
I will always give a true and honest answer. 
Contact today! Do you feel like life is confusing and you don't know which direction to go in? Do you feel that you have lost your sense of self, who you are and you aren't sure why? Or would you just like to know what the future holds? and if you will find true love?
The answers to your peace and happiness start now, I can help you live the life you've always dreamed of and find your true happiness.


Christine's Testimonials

10-Dec-2018 @ 09:37:25

Thank you for a detailed reading

- Iya

06-Dec-2018 @ 04:44:47

thank you so much!!!! perfect reading!!!!! :)

- Elizabeth Rose

11-Nov-2018 @ 15:17:08

Thank you! ill wait and see what happens with the time frame u gave me. ill hold on until then to see if anything changes. thanks alot.

- C N R

11-Nov-2018 @ 08:29:07

Christine made me feel very positive in her reading. I pray her predictions come to pass. Her rely was very detailed and I was so happy to hear all she said! Will update once it passes!! Thank you Christine. God Bless ❤

- Maria

08-Nov-2018 @ 21:20:29

thank you for your consistent and lovely readings; do you still see contact in november tho?

- Laura

03-Nov-2018 @ 16:30:50

can you gove me a timeframe of this talk? is it the talk i want to initiate ?

- Taki

03-Nov-2018 @ 14:35:34

Thank you, i will keep you updated when things come to pass. very kinda and lovely reader and nice lengthy message with good detail and time frame. many blessing to you. love and light.

- Amelia

01-Nov-2018 @ 04:54:12

thank you christine! very detailedmuch appreciated

- Dani

28-Oct-2018 @ 19:17:01

Thank you so much! for your insightful reading!

- Naz

28-Oct-2018 @ 01:06:10

Long thorough response. Thank you.

- Melanie

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